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Honeymoon (…surfing holiday)

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Honeymoon (…surfing holiday)

You’ve made the big commitment for life; to love and behold, from this day forth….
…and you’re really trying to work out how you can wangle some surfing into your honeymoon away.
Of course your partner doesn’t know this yet. They have been too busy with the wedding, pleasing the family and worrying about the actual big day ahead.
You have a few choices:
Enrolment – It is after all a year to ditch the need for acquired “goods” in search of a once a life time experience. So maybe, just maybe, your partner will take light of your suggestion to go surfing on your honeymoon. Could be the start of a new life for them, just be aware if they do take to it, your going to have to share surfboards, and you will forever not have enough wax!
Deceit – Not a great start to the new life as man and women. But if done well, and with a little bit of “honey; I honestly didn’t know that the surf was going to be this good, especially right outside our hotel! Do you mind if I just give it a quick go?” and a newly married wink, cuddle and smile from their new loved one, and you might just (and we do mean just) pull it off.
Pass the buck – Right this one works well, you will probably notice that a lot of surfing locations also cater for people who enjoy Yoga, Pilates, Golf, shopping, kite surfing and so on. This is a great way to find that common ground. “How about you go shopping today in a vibrant street market in Bridgetown, Barbados, while I just jump in for a quick dip at Soup Bowls on the west coast…….”
Here at Errant Surf Holidays we can help, with live chat, e-mails, phone and Skype you can contact us in privacy about your honeymoon/surfing holiday.

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  1. i like your offer! it's another ingenious way making the usual honeymoons different and exciting. this suits for the couples who are adventurous.

  2. i like this blog. this is for the adventurous couples out there who wants to spend the typical honeymoon with a spice.

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