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How SurfaWhile maintains its network of international partners

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How SurfaWhile maintains its network of international partners

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Taking a yearly trip to Hawaii would be a dream come true! We are collaborating with partners who have a surf accommodation or a language school (at a surf spot) and the locations where they are located are spread throughout the world. This means that it is unfortunately not possible to visit all these partners as regularly as we would like to. A yearly visit to Hawaii is thus not possible for us, sadly. However, we try to meet all our partners at least once a year, e.g. during a conference or trade show in case we cannot vist them at their own locations.

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At a conference with our partner from Biarritz, Frankrijk

SurfaWhile, where a personal relationships with partners is vital

We offer surf trips, ranging from surfing holidays to surf and language travels. Most surf-only providers are located in Europe, which we try to visit at least once a year. The accommodations we offer outside of Europe normally also operate one or more locations within Europe, meaning we still get to meet with the people from the organization. Seeing their destination(s) (in Europe) also gives us a good idea of how things are at the locations that are located further away.

In case you’d like to know more about the surf camps we are offering.

The partners from the surfing and language trips that we offer which are located outside of Europe, we cannot visit on a regular basis. However, the industry (international education) in which these language schools are operating has such a considerable size that conferences are organized throughout the year where schools can meet their partners (agencies, such as us). SurfaWhile also attends these conferences several times a year, such as in November 2019, when ICEF Berlin took place.

Are you actually going to Hawaii? The place to learn English and surf.

Networks, inspiration and fun

SurfaWhile normally visits 3 conferences per year. In January we go to Malaga, in September we visit London and in November we head to Berlin. In all these places, language schools from all over the world come together with agencies to meet and discuss cooperation (both new partnerships are established and existing relationships are maintained here). In this way it is possible for us to speak to our partners from for example Hawaii, Cape Town, Tenerife and Costa Rica at least once a year. Besides that this is very good (to see each other face-to-face regularly), it is also a lot of fun. We value personal contact with our partners a lot and we only really work together with partners based upon both a professional (they offer a qualitative product) and personal relation.

Surfawhile at Gota’ d’Agua, Portugal

These conferences are also very inspiring. Numerous seminars are held for 2 or 3 days, where both schools and agencies are informed of the latest trends in the international “language school world”. We often choose a seminar from Philippe of Higher Education Marketing, who shares his insights and knowledge in the field of digital marketing.

Visiting our partners within Europe once a year

We try to visit our network of partners within Europe at least once a year. In the summer we always do a trip to Southern France and the north of Spain. Outside of the high season we also visit Portugal. In this way we can maintain our network here and personally witness how the accommodations look. These visits mostly consist of visiting the various surf houses and camps, meaning we spend a lot of time in the car. These trips are also used to visit potential new surf houses and surf camps.

In France we are offering several surf holidays, which also accounts for Spain.

We are convinced that this – the annual visit of all our partners – contributes a great deal of value to the quality of the service we provide. Via SurfaWhile you book the surf trip that really suits you, and because we know what we offer, we can recommend the people who book a surf holiday through SurfaWhile the accommodation that suits them best.

With our partner International House

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