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How to Have an Environmentally Friendly Surf Trip

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How to Have an Environmentally Friendly Surf Trip

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If you love surfing then you love the planet. Your choosing to spend your holiday surrounded by nature and the ocean. Assuming that you wish to keep coming back to the beautiful beaches we all love so much then we all need to do what we can to preserve them. Travel, sadly, can often be the largest portion of our own personal carbon footprint. We may spend the rest of the year recycling and shouting at those who don’t but too often these principles are abandoned when we go abroad. The planet cant take a break from battling pollution therefore we cant either. Here is some tips to keeping your surf trip as sustainable as possibly

Save the Planet While You Surf

Here is a quick helpful list of some thing you can utilise to make your trip as fun and environmentally friendly as possible.

Avoid Flying When You Can

I know, its easier said than done. However, it really is really one of the biggest differences we can make to cut down on our carbon footprint. We all try and be as sustainable as possible but we often don’t think about the damage we’ve done just getting to our destination. For example, a normal Airbus plane requires 330,ooo litres to stay in the air for 24 hours. When we out this in context, the same amount of fuel could power a 3000 acre farm for 11 years. Instead of 1 full day flying we could produce 33,000 tons of grain and raise 17000 lambs. I’m aware that this is a strange comparison, yet it still shows us the wasteful arrogance we are all party too when we don’t consider our actions.

What can we do then? Buses are the easiest solution for travelling to surf camps within Europe. If you are travelling to France, Spain or even Portugal then you can easily get a bus direct from Amsterdam. Surfawhile can easily and instantly arrange you this alternative with buses leaving regularly from central station. These buses are organised specifically for surf camps so you’ll more than likely meet guys heading to your camp!

–  SurfaWhile at the Surfbus –

Dopper Is Your Friend

Reusable water bottles are the true saviour of surf camps. Nobody is more unpopular than the guy sheepishly carrying a 20 pack of plastic water bottles back to his tent. Water taps can be found near the reception of almost every surf camp so your never going to be without any. That reminds me, the majority of surf camps don’t provide plates and cutlery so that they don’t have to wash them in order to save water. Running electrical equipment to clean up after 500 plus guests is a terrible strain on the planet and the company. Therefore if you bring you own then you an wash it yourself and you save us all the hassle of catching paper plates that have been blown across the beeches.

Embrace Eco Tourism.

Literally every service you use while on your holiday has an eco equivalent. Eco Tours, Eco Lodges, Eco Restaurants and Eco sanctuaries are just a small selection of the companies that facilitate your adventures. Obviously, its worth checking that the ‘Eco’ is am actuality not just a statement of intent. However, really Eco organisations are super important especially those that involve the local communities. For example a lot of Eco tour groups hire locals to give tours of nature reserves as in doing so they educate them on the dangers of unsustainable tourism. After all, tourists get to fly home and level behind whatever destruction they have caused, the locals have to live the effects.

Reef Friendly Sun Cream

Now this is one I wish somebody had told me sooner. The chemicals in your sun cream can actually damage and bleach the beautiful reefs that you’ve travelled round the world too see. Some companies make a environmentally friendly alternative that can help solve the problem. Also if it kills reefs then I cant imagine rubbing it into your skin is terrific for you. Switch to a sustainable alternative

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