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How To Prepare for a Surf Trip

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How To Prepare for a Surf Trip

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So you’ve booked your first surf trip. The destination is set, the accommodation is booked and the boards are hired. Whilst surf trips are obviously one of the most relaxed and laid back holidays you could ever have, it is still a sports holiday. Like any other sport there is a certain level of preparation that needs to happen before you leave. Both in terms of things you can do to boost your sporting ability and to make sure you have the most fun trip possible.

How do I prepare for a surf holiday ?

Fitness is Key
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Surfing can be extremely tiring on your body and mind when you first start. You are constantly focused on what is happening around you, so its crucial you start practicing asap. I recommend you start doing cardio (swimming or cycling) at least 3 weeks before you go.

Press ups and Pull ups will help you gain enough back strength and core balance to help you pop up and stay still on your board. Yoga will also help control your position on the board, luckily a lot of the camp offer yoga classes to help stretch. Of course if you are totally out of shape then 3 week is not going to be enough but its important to just get your body used to the strains of surfing.

Train your breathing

Breathing techniques is a crucial part of surfing that is often completely skipped in preparations for a surf trip. Training your breathing can help you to remain calm in the water and will stop you inhaling sea water. Surfing is all about being calm and moving with the waves, your breathing is how you remain in tune with the push and pull of the current. Master this and your already on you way to mastering surfing before you’ve got there.

Pack smart

Skip packing an extra crate of beers and instead opt for a quick dry towel, water resistant sun cream and your own rash vests. Bring your own cutlery as lots of surf camps don’t offer them in order to save on water usage for environmental reasons. Bring a padlock with a cord so you can lock your kit to fences or trees when you are solo surfing. You may also want to consider brining water boots and gloves depending on the temperature of the water at your final destination.

Find your surf camp group
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A good idea is to have a look on the Facebook pages of your surf camp to find cool events going on around your area. Movie screenings, raves and expeditions can all be found on these pages so you can plan your activities ahead of time so you don’t miss anything you would have wanted to. A lot of the surf camps offer time specific Facebook groups so you can chat to some of the guys that will be there before you leave.

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