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Indolerium Teaser

On a Sunday morning in December 2009 Top Britsh Surfer Mitch Corbett was found unconscious yards from his house in Newquay. The initial assessment by paramedics was unclear and within hours Mitch took a turn for the worse. Shocked friends and family could only wait and hope as Mitch was rushed into emergency brain-surgery with a massive bleed on the brain. 3 Days later Mitch came out of his coma to the relief of everyone hoping and praying to see him again. After 9 days Mitch was discharged from Derriford Hospital Intensive care and spent Christmas at home with friends and family. After a tense 3 months spent sleeping and suffering from extreme cabin fever Mitch was given the all clear to regain his fitness and surf again.
Now you can follow two friends Tim Boydell and Mitch Corbett as they travel across the world experiencing new cultures, meeting amazing people and Surfing some of the best waves Indonesia has too offer. You Only live once, and this couldn’t be more true a statement to sum up what this trip has been about for Mitch and Tim.
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