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Insiders Info – Lanzarote

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Insiders Info – Lanzarote

Want to know more about your next surfing holiday in Lanzarote? Mr Caladine returned from surfing in Lanzarote last week and received one of our automated feedback e-mails, here are his observations:

Have to say that everything about the trip was pretty much excellent and I have no problems with any of it.
Accommodation: Excellent apartment though the mattresses were unusually rock hard (a comment I heard from other people in different appts!) Had everything I needed in and were ideal for the conditions (remained cool without air conditioning etc.) They are well placed in the centre of Famara and close to everything
Coaching: Had one day with Tim and 4 with Jack (who is returning to Newquay in April). Tim was certainly the harsher task master but quite a revelation. He was ready for me to start trying to stand after half a day whereas last time I was coached we got a couple of days in before that was really even attempted! Jack was great, a lot of fun but perhaps a little less of the task master. He’d give instruction on the beach and then leave you to it, whereas as Tim was in our faces making sure we did stuff all the time. Different styles, but both good in their own way (5 days of Tim’s style as we got more and more tired might have been too much!)
Food/Drink: Nothing was included (self-catering) but there are a couple of excellent places in Famara that are cheap and good food. It made cooking for myself a bit of a waste.
Customer Service: It’s not really a customer service comment, but more about Tim. I think his passion is evident, never more so than when he was talking to us about the DVD he was having everyone watch one night. Also you feel nothing but safe with him (and Jack) I got dinged several times, but that is just the way it goes. However everything taught was based around safety and when you compare that to some of the less qualified instructors just down the beach from us, it was scary to consider how  other groups might come unstuck in the conditions. In fact Tim was actually the one telling other instructors when it was too much.
I’m definitely considering going back to Famara, possibly this year and would only go back with that school and apartments etc.

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