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Janne goes surfing in Fuerteventura – part 1

Surf Experiences Spain

Janne goes surfing in Fuerteventura – part 1

After surfing at the fantastic Gota d’Agua surf house in Caparica, Portugal, I flew to Fuerteventura. I always wanted to go to the Canary Islands and finally it was going to happen! Once i had arrived in Fuerteventura I went directly to the surf house of Star Surf Camp and I certainly didn’t regret it! Here are some of the fantastic experiences i had along my journey, Hopefully it will give you some useful tips for when you come to Fuerteventura.

Surfing in Fuerteventura 

On October 28, after a wonderful week in the Gota d’Agua surf house, I flew from Lisbon to Fuerteventura. Although it doesn’t really seem to be a long distance on the map, it felt like a long flight. With an hour of delay, I was finally in the air at 4:00 p.m. A small plane took me from Lisbon to Tenerife, where I switched to an even smaller plane. This flight to Fuerteventura was very short and from the plane I could already see the beautiful  landscapes and turquoise waters bellow.

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The pool at Star Surf House

On arrival, the transfer was already ready to pick us up, although we had to wait until the bus was full, fortunately it didn’t take very long. The transfer takes a bit on the long side, but a taxi €55,- for a single ride) I found just a little too expensive. During the bus ride Julie had already sent me a lot of useful information about where and what time the breakfast, the surf lessons and the dinners are. There were also tips with nice restaurants for lunch. Also from the bus I could take beautiful pictures of the breathtaking nature that Fuerteventura has to offer. Eventually, around 11:30 in the evening, I arrived at the surf house, where Julie was waiting to greet me.

Surf House Fuerteventura

Julie walked me from the surf house, which is less than a three minute walk from the stop of the transfer. I got a warm welcome and she showed me the shared apartment. The clean and private rooms were designed to be two shared rooms for four people. Two shared bathrooms, a sitting room and a kitchen. At that time, I had two roommates, very nice girls. We all shared a few drinks  on our adjacent terrace as they educated me little more about how things all go. It was very cozy, but I was happy when I was finally in bed after a long day.

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My first day in Fuerteventura

Unfortunately I had fallen ill that night and therefore i was unable to surf the first day. A friend, Lena, whom I already knew from a previous surf trip, appeared to be in one of the other apartments at the same time as me. We hung out for a while, and then, with the last surf lesson of the day drawing to a close, we jumped into the van to head to the beach. It departs from the Star Surfshop in El Cotillo, about three minutes walk from the apartments. This is where the intermediate lesson was taught. It was fresh and windy, but very nice to watch. The lesson lasts about 2.5 hours and all in all you are sweet for three hours. A though it was sad that i couldn’t surf, watching with a cold beer in hand was plenty of fun.

After the surf lesson we drove the same van back to the village. In the evening there was a dinner in a restaurant a little further into the village. A nice walk through narrow streets where you can really see what fun fishing village El Cotillo is. Dinner consisted of several vegetarian tapas. After that we went to Coyote Bar with a few other guests for a final drink, this particular area of the island is quite remote and therefore, don’t expect big clubs or a street full of pubs. These can be found elsewhere on the island.

Surfing, tapas and socializing 

The next morning I decided to go surfing, which i was not supposed to based on the doctor’s recommendation. Not surfing was simply not an option when i saw the quality of the waves that morning. Earplugs in and go. Because I already had some experience, I was allowed to go straight into the water with Octavio, the surf instructor. The sea was wild with a strong undercurrent, but the waves were nice to play in.

This surf lesson also lasted about 2.5 hours and after a short warm up, I soon found my feet again and was carving and chopping the waves in no time. After class we drove back to the surf school. After having lunch at the supermarket next to the bus stop in the afternoon, I had a well deserved and needed nap. At six o’clock an activity was offered by Star Surf, which turned out to be delicious. In the local delicatessen shop there was a free tasting of local produce; appetizers and jams made of cactus and aloe vera. The activity was lead by Milan, who does the entertainment at Star Surf, and which I, like Lena, already knew from an earlier experience with Star Surf. After the activity Lena and I cooked and we have eaten nicely, because this evening no dinner was organized by the surf house. This gave us some good time to relax  but so tasty to be able to fill that in with  yourself from time to time.

On Wednesday there was surf lessons from Sebastian. Times vary for the surf lesson, as the conditions are looked at. The lesson was given very effectively with a good explanation and a warm-up. Sebastian also went into the water to give us tips and encourage us. After class we drove back and we had a little lunch. After that I sat with a book by the pool that belongs to the apartment complex. Here you can relax in peace out of the wind and you can enjoy the sun well. In the evening there was another joint dinner at the burger bar opposite the apartments. Drinks are on your own account, but half a liter of beer for 3.50 is a good offer for the region. After dinner we took a taxi to Lajares, a village about a 20 minutes’ drive from El Cotillo.

Here we took shelter in a nice bar where they held an open mic jam night. I too (as a lead singer of a band) jumped on stage and this was a very fun experience! Well worth going. When this ended, we jumped in a taxi to the most famous town of Fuerteventura; Corralejo. Corralejo is a slightly larger town than El Cotillo and Lajares, where you can find many shops, a street full of pubs and some more tourist attractions. At the end of the night we drove the remaining people back by taxi (25 euro total).

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My tips for if you’re going to surf in Fuerteventura

  • Do you have a driver’s license? Rent a car and explore the island with a surfboard on your roof. There are plenty of beaches to go surfing or take a dip in the sea.
  • If you don’t have a driver’s license, the bus is also a good option. The local bus runs through several villages and from the bus you can get a good impression of the island. If you have something more to spend, grab a cab.
  • Prices are about the same as in the Netherlands. Because it’s an island, everything has to be imported and you pay for that. Food and a beer on the terrace are still cheaper than at home.
  • El Cotillo is a nice fishing village so don’t expect big nightlife. That’s why you’re going to relax here, because it’s nice and laidback. If you really want to get out of an evening, get a taxi to Corralejo.
  • Are your surfing lessons not included? You can always book classes. No need for surf lessons? Rent your own board and a wetsuit. The star surfshop staff can then give many tips about the spots on the island.
  • Enjoy!

Curious about part 2 of my surf trip to Fuerteventura?


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