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John’s experiences working at the Surf Village in Ericeira

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John’s experiences working at the Surf Village in Ericeira

Hi John, can you tell us what you are doing here in the surf camp?

My name is John, and I’m 22 years old. I am from Sweden and I work here at the surf camp Ericeira. My role is being a social host in Camp Lizandro and this is my first season. I only arrived 3 weeks ago, so I am still quite new, but I really like it!

What do you like the most?

I really like that every week I get to meet many new people, which is super nice. I really feel like you are bonding with guests, even though they are only here at the camp for one week. Also I have sufficient time to go surfing myself and joining activities is so much fun, something I really love as well. I already joined the trips to Sintra (UNESCO heritage site) and the one to the vineyard and they are amazing. I hope to also join the Lisbon trip soon .

Today, Saturday June 24th, is a very special day to you, isn’t it?

Yes it is! We will have the weekly barbecue, which is the last night of the week for most people (some stay 2 or even 3 weeks, but others will leave tomorrow). We will celebrate this, together with the Swedish Midsomer fest, a national holiday in Sweden. Because it’s a great party, and we have some guests from Sweden, we will celebrate it later today! It’s all about singing and having flowers in your hair. There will be some drinks involved and it will be really good to have everyone in the surf camp celebrating together.

How do you like working with the other staff members?

It is truly amazing. There are more camps here in Ericeira (Camp Lizandro and Camp Moinhos) so in total we are quite a large group. But everyone gets along soo well, and this is something I really like. It already feels like I’m working with friends, instead of colleagues. Even though we all have different schedules, sometimes we just hang around while the others are working, in order to have fun.

John being the second referee at the volleybal tournament

How is your surfing going?

It is going well! During my time here I already improved a lot, but I want to get better and better. I can join the surf lessons quite often, so I am well able to make progression.

Why would people have to come to Surf Camp Ericeira?

I really believe that people who travel alone or in a group, despite of their surf level, should come to Ericeira. We have different surf spots and even though the waves can get a quite high every now and then, there is always a proper spot to practice. I truly think the teachers are very good here at the surf camp so everyone really will make progression.

Furthermore, the parties and the restaurants here in Ericeira are great. In the surf camp we have a good mix of everything – people, staff, party, fun, food and chilling, and this balance is vital and that is what I enjoy and what others enjoy and therefore I believe people should come over!


Co-founder of SurfaWhile, with a passion for travel, surf, cooking, salsa, football and meeting new and interesting people.

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