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Jorienke and the Travelling Classroom Program – Part 4

Surf Experiences Ecuador

Jorienke and the Travelling Classroom Program – Part 4

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My last week takes place in Montañita, which is known as the surf spot of Ecuador. I’ve been looking forward to this from the beginning because I had heard very good stories about it. Those stories all turned out to be right, it was a perfect week to conclude this program! But for now i shall start at the beginning.

Isla de Plata & Montanita

After the day trip at Isla de Plata it feels like weve come back into a new world! It’s incredible how many different faces a country can have. In Montañita there are many tourists and everything revolves around surfing and tourism. Yet here,  it looks so cool and quiet again and the atmosphere feels very calming. The cabañas, the cabins where we stay, are nice and the pool beckons for a refreshing swim. However, the beach is only a 4 minute walk away, so first we have to look there. The waves are high, i was worried as to how we are going to learn to surf here.

Sunday is our first real day off since the start of the program and although it rains all day it is wonderful not to have a plan and to get to know the ‘city’. From Monday we have Spanish lessons every day from 8:00 – 10:00 am and noon from 13:00 – 15:00. In the morning we learn grammar and in the afternoon we focus mainly on our speaking skills. In between we have surf lessons! We drive to nearby Olon for the surf lessons. During the first lesson, it’s already possible to get up and surf the white waves. Jeez, this is fun and every day im going to be a little better, so it’s getting more and more fun each day!

Vaca Loco

In addition to Spanish lessons and surfing, everyone talks about the Montañita festival which takes place on Monday, including the vaca loco! After an ‘introductory dinner’ on the beach we will be ready in the square in front of the vaca loco church at 23:00. No one has an idea what exactly is going to happen, but this is it! And what is it? Lots of fireworks, fire which seems to come from every side, a lot of music and then… the vaca loco. Imagine, someone’s standing in a steel frame running through the audience while fireworks shoot off of them. You don’t think anything about it… but there will be fireworks from all sides from this vaca!! This is something that is not possible in the Netherlands. Can you imagine someone with fireworks runs into large crowds? Hahaha, so this is really ‘loco’ 😉 But of course it all went well!

Montañita is also known for the good parties, so of course we had to get involved. Celebrating is more than possible in Montañita. Wednesday evening is one of the party evenings and so we agreed with our teacher on Thursday afternoon to keep the lesson on the beach, how cool! This is I think what best decribes Montañita… it’s chill, everything is possible, you have many possibilities and the atmosphere is just healthy and good! Before I know it, another week is over and the 4 weeks of Spanish lessons are over.

Wow, what a great week this was! Ecuador is so cool and the travelling classroom is a really cool way to meet many different faces across this country. Fortunately, I have another week to do more cool things in Ecuador and I will soon write a blog about this cool country again! Hasta Luego!


Co-founder of SurfaWhile, with a passion for travel, surf, cooking, salsa, football and meeting new and interesting people.

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