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Jorienke and the Travelling Classroom Program – Part 5

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Jorienke and the Travelling Classroom Program – Part 5

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In my previous stories I told about my adventures, from week to week. Hereby I want to look back again on my entire trip. Ecuador you are beautiful!

Looking back at Ecuador

When I saw the Traveling Classroom program on the SurfaWhile website, I immediately knew: This was what I wanted! On April 21, my journey through Latino America began with a flight to Quito. Maybe Ecuador is not the first country that you are thinking of visiting in South America, but Ecuador really is a must go! How cool is it to learn Spanish in 4 weeks, but also to get to know the country right away ?! I feel it is important to ask myself, have my expectations come true? Yes, completely! Moreover, Ecuador surprised positively in every way imaginable. 

During the traveling classroom you will be in Quito in the big city, in Ahuano in the jungle, in Manta in a large coastal town and in Montañita, a surfing paradise. You can already see many different sides of the smallest country in Latin America. During the training weeks in these places there are great activities that will help you get to know the country & culture even better. You have 3-4 hours of lessons a day, so there is always enough time left to go and explore every day. Don’t forget to look outside while traveling.

In addition to all the cars criss-crossing each other in the big cities, you always see volcanoes looming up ahead as you drive. Then you suddenly have a view over the coast or a very green mountainous landscape. In the cities you will find all the luxury that we have in the Netherlands, but the great thing is that everything is also sold on the street. Ice, pan de yuca, drinks, donuts, corn on the cob, fruit, meat, as well as shampoo, cigarettes per piece and 1 roll of toilet paper can be bought on the street. This is nice to see and the sellers are not intrusive.

In the jungle, on the other hand, there is nothing at all, except nature. It is precisely these contrasts of the different areas in Ecuador that make it such a beautiful country. The great thing about the traveling classroom is that you ‘live’ in 4 different places and you will discover more from there. The activities are sporty, adventurous, culinary and cultural. Something for everyone and nothing is mandatory. You can also make excellent plans during these 4 lesson weeks as too what you would like to do afterwards, because you get a good impression of the possibilities. How nice it is that all this is possible during ‘school time’:

I found the traveling classroom a super start for a trip through Latin America and got to know quite a bit of the Spanish language in addition to the land of Ecuador. What else could i ask for?
Buen viaje y muchos divertidos quando tú vas and Ecuador tambien!

Hasta luego, Jorienke


Co-founder of SurfaWhile, with a passion for travel, surf, cooking, salsa, football and meeting new and interesting people.

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