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Joséphine is surfing in: Fiji

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Joséphine is surfing in: Fiji

Hi, I’m Joséphine, I’m almost 30 and I love surfing! I finally got the chance to travel and surf! I have worked for about 10 years in the music industry and the management of cultural events. Three years ago, I went to Portugal and I tried to surf for the first time. It was a revelation and since that day, I did everything to leave for a year and go around several surf spots I wanted to see. Here I am!

After my first trip to Bali, I have made it to a new destination: Fiji islands.

Alright, alright, I should have inquired more information about the Fijian waves, they are huge! However, there is a location in the south of the main island called Beachouse, which can suit to everyone and make your stay like heaven. I will always remember the feeling of calm and serenity which took hold of me when I walked through the nice paths before reaching ‘the spot’; unreal!
A “Bula” and an amazing smile later, here I am, unpacking my staff in my comfortable 6 bed dorm which I share with a Swedish guy, a German couple, a Chilean and an Australian guys. Ok, I’m gonna love it, a place with people from everywhere. Actually, in Fiji, there is a lot of people from Australia and New-Zealand, which makes you get so many good tips for the best surf places in their country. I have so many plans now, can’t wait!
In Fiji, you have to understand two things: you have to be smiling and you have to chill, there is no rush here at all. They call it “ Fiji time”. I let you discover what it is. All I can write is: take your time, always. You will wait a lot, often, but you will meet people, discuss, relax, laugh and have a good time….

A great thing in the Beachouse accommodation are the waves. Oh my god! After a first and last lesson with Bruce (the kiwi in the white wash), I decided to trust myself and follow some of the good dudes in the big waves, what a washing machine! Waves are high and break fast. The spot is very shallow and you definitely need reef shoes. I scared myself everyday but I enjoyed it so much. And I faced myself to be more humble because there is a third spot on the sea where the waves are gentle and less stiff. So, after 6 days in these oversized waves for my level, I ended up by going there and catching almost all the green waves. Thanks to this perseverance, I came back on the hard spot at the end and I finally caught a few hard ones. I felt like a queen of the ocean ! You could never imagine how happy I am. In my bucket list, I checked:

Heavy Water movie review SurfaWhile4
One of the better surfers in Fiji 

I was supposed to stay 6 days in Beachouse, but it was so amazing that I ended up staying 10 days.
If you are an experienced surfer, they offer surf trips on nice spots as Frigates, Cloudbreaks and many others as well. Which is nice in any case because if you’re a good surfer, it’s a lot of fun and if you’re only a watcher, it’s a nice theory lesson and each spot is nice for snorkeling. I saw reef sharks (nice ones, don’t worry), corals and amazing fishes. And you can talk as well with other surfers, it’s very interesting when you want to improve as they are very willing to help you with feedback.

Besides, if you want to take a break in the middle of your surf week, you can do a jungle trekking to see some waterfalls or a river trekking in the rapids. My favorite was the boat trip to Yanuca island. I loved the very fast way to go with all the bumps in the sea. I felt like a kid on a trampoline. I just wanted to play, to laugh, to jump. The water was bouncing and the drops looked like tears of joy, screaming for excess and happiness. The rapidity, the glitzy joined for a moment to make the ocean danced under the bitter scream of the engine. When we arrived, a landscape coming from heaven with a 50 shades of blue and green water. The snorkeling is fabulous, you discovered a whole new world below the surface, a realy mini society. The place is quiet and chill, I am still dreaming about it.

The last very nice thing in Beachouse are the yoga lessons. They are soft and slow, perfect for people surfing a lot with sour muscles or people wanted to stretch a bit after or before the chill. The lessons are planed according to the tide and when it’s just before sunset, it’ so great. Then, you can grab a beer and look at the stunning Fijian sky full of different colors, coming from yellow to orange, grey, pink and purple. So far, my favorite sunsets are Fijian sunsets. I will surely come back to this magical place!


Co-founder of SurfaWhile, with a passion for travel, surf, cooking, salsa, football and meeting new and interesting people.

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