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Joséphine is surfing in: Sri Lanka

Surf Experiences Sri Lanka

Joséphine is surfing in: Sri Lanka

Hi, I’m Joséphine, I’m almost 30 and I love surfing! I finally got the chance to travel and surf! I have worked for about 10 years in the music industry and the management of cultural events. Three years ago, I went to Portugal and I tried to surf for the first time. It was a revelation and since that day, I did everything to leave for a year and go around several surf spots I wanted to see. Here I am!

After my first trip to Bali and second trip to Fiji, I have made it to a new destination: Sri Lanka.

A gallery of pictures from my time in sri lanka is shown at the bottom of this post.

Hi everybody,
It’s me again to share with you the last place I went in Asia before to go surfing in Central America: Sri Lanka.
This was my favorite country of this surf trip so far.
With some new friends I made along the way, we started our trip in Kandy, a very green and English-style town in the Central Province. It was the last capital of the ancient kings’ era of Sri Lanka. We spent two nights to visit around, which we also used to do a day trip to Pidurangala. We agreed to go each time slightly away from the very hotspots instead of doing all the very touristic stuff. We wanted to be more by ourselves, meet more locals…
So, instead of going to Sigirya and climb Lion’s Rock, we chose to go to a more quiet beach and admire the beautiful rock formations during sunset. 
Some people say it’s the 8th wonder of the world. However you really have to go there to witness yourself.
Of course, on our way, we went to the Spices Garden, where of course, I spent too much money for plenty of natural products to make my skin soft and enlightened, or to cure my painful body of of course neo surfer girl.

After Kandy, where we visited the tea plantations, we took the fabulous train which makes you travel in the middle of even more, amazing tea fields. What a journey! 8 hours stand-up, stuck with a lot of other people, doors open. You can see and smell what Sri Lanka is all about. Fruit and grocery sellers managed to enter and go through the entire train, even if there was no room at all. They are yelling like in a food market, making it some kind of an unforgettable experience. 

Once again, instead of going to Ella, we preferred to stop in Haputale, hide ourselves in an awesome guesthouse called White Monkey. No need to go to the world’s end, we had it 5 minutes walking with this incredible place: Eagle Rock. And we were only us, admiring the emptiness under our feet, where time stops and let you suspend eternity.
After this, we head up to Arrugam Bay: time to surf! 
I highly recommend this place for its chill atmosphere and its multitude of different spots. My favourite: Elephant Rock, an amazing location where you can surf while watching wild animals and/or the sunrise. 
The area is in a big development and you can see a lot of new coffee shops, vegan restaurants… Food is so nice and it’s more or less focused around fish culture with big BBQ’s on the beach, oh my god it’s delicious.
Speaking of which, food is quite good in Sri Lanka. Very spicy and tasty, one of their specialty is my favourite: kottu. It is a kind of sliced bread sauted with vegetables and/or meat.
Rice and curry, teas and fruits are a big part of their culture too, and you can find your healthy happiness here. And it’s really cheap as well.
Surfen in een prachtige omgeving
By the way, did you know that Sri Lankans have a particular way to see their medicines, of which a lot are based on plants. You still have merchants selling very strong oils to cure everything: cold, sprain, headache’s. You can easily find someone to give you an Ayurvedic massage and let your mind and body flow in the air. That was such a great experience.
There is no need to say that you should definitely circulate through Sri Lanka by buses or Tuk-tuk. They are purely amazing! Often it was quite an experience (and a bit scary) as they are so fast, but you do discover a new way to meet locals and share their daily life.
Sri Lankan people are one of my favorite people in the world; beautiful, generous and funny. I hope you could meet this wonderful culture and ride their waves.
See you soon for a new adventure on the other side of the world,


Co-founder of SurfaWhile, with a passion for travel, surf, cooking, salsa, football and meeting new and interesting people.

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