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Josseline’s First 3 weeks in San Sebastian

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Josseline’s First 3 weeks in San Sebastian

N: 43° 18′ 45.6876” W: and 1° 59′ 35.9952”

My name is Josseline Plugge and i am 18 years old. I passed my final exams at school this year and decided to take an interim year. In that year, I wanted to go abroad. When I discovered the combination of Spanish learning with surf lessons, that seemed like a perfect idea. After snooping around, my eye had fallen on San Sebastian. I’ve been here for 3 weeks now, and I think it’s a great city. I love walking around the city every day because it’s so beautiful. Beaches, tasty restaurants and ice cream parlors are indispensable of course.

The weeks before leaving I didn’t have a lot of nerves, I was looking forward to it and had a healthy tension. Only 2 nights before departure did I get a little stuffy and I thought, what am I actually getting started with. I won’t meet any nice people at all, my roommates i was sure would be very unkind. What if I find the Spanish lessons boring and I don’t like surfing at all !?!?

What does Spanish learn and surf in San Sebastian look like?

San Sebastian – a supercity

The opposite has happened. Once I arrived in San Sebastian I looked around and thought ‘Wow’, super beautiful. I’d never been to San Sebastian prior to this trip. I could find a cab quickly, and then I got to my apartment with ease. In advance I had already been in contact with my roommates (2 girls 29 years old) about what time I arrived and had asked if I could first drop off my bags before i had to pick up my keys at a bar indicated in the letter in advance. Fortunately, that wasn’t a problem.

When I arrived at the apartment they were already waiting for me and I received a very nice welcome from Haizea, Usoa and Usoa’s friend. They showed me everything in the apartment and then they explained to me where I could pick up my key. In the evening they prepared a delicious tortilla and some other tapas so I felt right at home!

The next day, I had my first day of school. There I met nice people and the Spanish teacher was also super helpful and attentive. I had already had Spanish lessons in high school, so for me it was a lot of repetition, but I liked that so that everything was refreshed again. Now a few weeks on, I notice that it is getting harder and harder, but I do have the idea that I understand it much faster and better because the lessons are also given in Spanish. Every day I have classes from 10:30 to 1:00pm and we have a half-hour break in which we can have a coffee with the other students of the school around the corner.

Surf lessons in San Sebastian

After school I have surf lessons every weekday from 3 to 4 hours. The surf lessons are super fun! You will be divided into a group of your level (in my case in the beginner group) and then you will surf as much as possible for an hour. The first few days you get a lot of explanation and further in the week you pack as many waves as possible, recieving tips and tricks in between. Of course, it depends on the waves how fun the day is. When there are really high, it’s not really possible for a beginner to be able to stand on the shelf often, but then you can learn a lot of other things, such as how to deal with the waves when they’re so high. When the waves are fine, you can stand on the shelf as often as possible, that is of course depending on your skill level.

It’s super nice to take Spanish lessons every day and then follow them up with surf lessons. In between, you also have plenty of time to do other fun things with the friends I’ve already made from day 1. After school you can eat somewhere and after the surf class you can hang on the beach or do something else. You don’t have to get bored for a moment! From the beaches you can always see a huge Christ statue standing on the mountain’ Monte Urgull’. That was something everyone said there you really have to walk to. That was definitely worth it! Not only to admire the Christ statue up close but actually especially for the fantastic view you have.

Every Thursday evening in San Sebastian there is ‘pinxto pote’, an evening to look forward to every week! Pinxto pote (this is Basque) means a pinxto and a pote for €2,- (snack and a drink), a lot of conviviality, getting to know new people and then also being able to go out, the streets are full of students! Spanish students but also students from all other different countries studying in San Sebastian.

Weekend’s in San Sebastian

On weekends you have a lot of time to do nice things. Besides going to the beach and going out, you can of course also do other things or take a trip. For example, I have been to Biarritz (France) for a day with super nice weather, that was a particularly beautiful and fun day. Biarritz is a very nice city! Last weekend my brothers and father visited. It was super fun to show them how and where I live these weeks and show everything. They also liked to see it and agreed with me that I should stay here! And of course we surfed too! 😉 On to my next 3 weeks!

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