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Kevin’s been learning how to surfing and to speak Portuguese in Lisbon

Surf Experiences Portugal

Kevin’s been learning how to surfing and to speak Portuguese in Lisbon

N: 38°43′31″W: 9°09′00″

I booked a 3 week surf and language trip with SurfaWhile and I have to say that I can recommend this to everyone! You get lessons every day from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and after class you can continue to practice your Portuguese with the people you meet on the street. You will speak the Portuguese language in no time. During the first week I still spoke English regularly but from the 2nd week I rarely spoke English. The Portuguese lessons are also very good. There can and may already be laughed during class. The school also organizes a trip somewhere in the city every week. This way you get to know parts of the city that you would normally never visit

Surf Lessons in Lisbon

Then you also have the surf lessons, which are super well organized. The lessons take place on the beach of Carcavelos. The lessons are given by 2 great instructors and you surf very quickly. The waves are the best in the morning. That is why it is highly recommended to ask for as many lessons as possible during the weekend in the morning, as this is not possible on weekdays due to Portuguese lessons.

Portugal is very popular for taking a surf holiday.

The only drawback to surfing is the travel time. I stayed in Laranjeiras. When I went to Carcavelos for surfing lessons, I was just over an hour on the road. First I had to take the blue metro line from Laranjeiras to Baixa-Chiado. In Baixa-Chiado I had to change to the green metro line towards Cais Do Sodré. In Cais Do Sodré you could transfer to the train to Carcavelos. Public transportation is cheap. A metro ride costs 1.5 euros and bus or train costs a little more than 3 euros. With a zappin card you can top up credit for public transport, which actually works the same as public transport in the Netherlands. In the event that I could not catch the surf lesson by public transport, I took an uber taxi. This will take you to Carcavelos in 20 minutes. This is of course slightly more expensive. An Uber ride to Carcavelos costs around 20 euros but it is also worth it. The Uber drivers also love to teach you Portuguese during your journey.

Staying in Lisbon for a Surf Holiday

The Beautiful Portuguese Lifestyle

I stayed with a host family for the first three weeks. It was a really warm family. If I had Questions about the Portuguese lesson I had in the morning, I could always ask them for this help. I have also been with the family one day to one of the many other beaches. The family gave me the choice to speak to them in English or Portuguese. I obviously chose to speak Portuguese and only speak English when there was portuguese I didn’t understand.

The price was only included breakfast but the family occasionally asked if I wanted to go eat with them. This was very generous of them. Lisbon is also a nice city to go out in the evening. There are countless bars and restaurants. Close to Cais Do Sodré you also have a lot of discotheques.
You won’t get bored in Lisbon anytime soon. After this holiday I will definitely continue to study Portuguese in Belgium and I hope to be
coming back next year.

PS: I would definitely like to thank Olmo for organising this surf and language trip to Portugal.

Did you know that there are several surf camps in Portugal?

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