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5 Reasons why you should be learning to surf

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5 Reasons why you should be learning to surf

It is safe to say that surfing has gained a huge amount of popularity over the years and more and more surf schools have been popping up all over the world. The unbeatable adrenaline rush and the buzz of catching your first wave of the day has become contagious and more and more people are interested in learning to surf.
If you are still on the fence and not 100% convinced to try out surfing for yourself keep reading as we have come up with 5 awesome reasons that will get you itching to book your own surf holiday.
There is so much more to surfing that it just being a sport. It provides an effect on body, mind, soul and lifestyle that provides you with a sense of adventure, wonderment and a connection to the ocean that is hard to find elsewhere.

1. Good for your fitness
Surfing is both mentally and physically a godsend for your body. Having a bad day? Feeling stressed? Need a break from your workload? Try surfing and I promise you will have no regrets. Every person I have spoken to says when they were learning to surf one of the biggest improvements was their mental health, being in the water and connecting with the ocean is one of the most refreshing feelings there is.
Alongside an all-around toning, catching waves significantly improves your core and leg strength, as well as doing wonders for your balance. Perfecting your pop up is a great arm and upper body workout, and swimming against the waves is the perfect activity to get the blood pumping and improve your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. All this and you will not even realise how much exercise you’ve had because learning to surf is just too much fun!… that is until you collapse on the beach after.
2. Travelling
Learning to surf can take you all over the world. With incredible spots such as Hawaii, Bali, Australia, Indonesia, Portugal and Spain there are plenty of destinations to choose from to suit every travellers needs.
When you are not on your board perfecting your pop up the other benefit of learning to surf in an exotic destination is the awesome opportunity to explore and soak up a new culture. The surf lifestyle usual extends outside the surf school so why not grab your friends and spend your afternoons exploring and discovering new places. The benefits you gain from travelling in this way are one of the best reasons to pick up a surfboard in the first place.
3. Surfing is Addictive
Learning to surf is not dissimilar to other sports in that it is goal-orientated and will take time. Whether you are surfing for the first time, wanting to progress to green waves or even wanting to get some air, setting a goal and being persistent will eventually pay off. It may take time and there will be frustrations and disappointments along the way but the first time you either get the perfect pop up or catch your first green wave the feeling you get will keep you coming back again and again.
4. You will fall in love with the Ocean
There is no better feeling than spending your day in nature and soaking up the sun and let’s face it, you can’t get more into nature than spending your time in the ocean. Being able to escape the office and onto the white sandy beaches will not only do wonders for your health but you will experience a sense of calm that can only be brought on by the ocean.
It is well known that the sea air not only improves your mood but it will also help improve your sleep cycle. Combine that with an intense surf session and you will be sleeping like a baby your whole trip. Learning to surf and falling in love with the ocean go hand in hand and it will start to feel like a second home to you before long.
5. That post surf feeling
The post surf chill can be just as fulfilling and fun as learning to surf, whether you are grabbing some food to replace those much-needed calories, cracking open a few cold beers with your friends or completely collapsing in a ball for a movie marathon, the post-surf relax is one of the nicest and most satisfying feeling ever.
Most surf houses come fully equipped with hammocks, blankets, comfy sofas and plenty of food and drink for your ultimate post surf experience. Learning to relax and let your body recharge is an extremely important aspect of learning to surf and is also a great time to make new friends and chat about the day’s adventures.
If you now can’t wait to book your next surf trip contact us on info@errantsurf and we will help you find the ultimate surf holiday.

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons why you should be learning to surf

  1. Yes, I agree with everything written in this. Ever since I learned how to surf 4 years ago, my life has never been the same. There’s nothing more therapeuitic than doing a session. Just being out in the ocean is awesome. I try to work out all the time using weights, roller balance boards, running, etc. to help my agility and balance. If you’re thinking of trying this sport – do it now!

    1. Hi Cheryl, what a great comment, very inspiring! Thank you for sharing this with us 🙂

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