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Lucia's Postcards from Paradise

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Lucia's Postcards from Paradise

Half English and half Italian, Cornwall/Venice/California resident Lucia Griggi’s photography combines the English love of nature and countryside with the Italian love of everything. From shooting portraits in the calm control of a studio, to swimming out into the dangerous maelstrom of Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu, Lucia’s photography can be still and quiet and beautiful, or violent and loud and beautiful.
Errant Surf Holidays caught up with Lucia to chat about her favourite photos from across the surfing world.

Surf travel! This would be my idyllic shot of what my life is about and for those people who love to get away and enjoy the surrounding see what I see, I hope this inspires you to do dust off the back pack and go explore. Model Emma Skinner and pro surfer takes to our balcony in the Maldives for time out before the next surf session. Canon 1D Mark 11 with 24-70 2.8.

Time out in the Maldives, when the surf is flat there is plenty to do. Diving is one and swimming around the reefs. The water is warm and the ocean life is budding with wildlife. A perfect destination for water lovers. Photograph taken on Canon 5D with SPL Housing 15mm fisheye.

Hawaii, one of the best travel destinations in the world for surf! The rawness of the ocean opens up with the size of the waves that hit the shore. Waves for all but the North Shore of Oahu offers to that of only experienced surfers whilst the South coast has fun beginner waves to play on. Pipeline, Oahu during pipelinemasters 2009. Canon 1D mark 11 70-200 IS USM 2.8

Waimea Bay, Eddie 2009. The most amazing feeling ever watching 40ft faces rolling in towards the bay. With the worlds best big wave surfers including greg long, Kelly Slater and Derek Ho, they all took to the drops and survived.This photo i love because it shows the pure insanity these guys put themselves into with just making it over the back of the largest set that came through that day, it could have ended very differently! Canon 1d mark 11 with 600mm f.4

Lucia would like to thank her sponsor FOX clothing for all their support in 2010.

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