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Lynn’s story: Learning English and surfing in Ireland

Surf Experiences Ireland

Lynn’s story: Learning English and surfing in Ireland

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Lynn spent 2 months in Bundoran in Ireland (not to be confused with Northern Ireland), to learn English and surfing. Bundoran is one of Ireland’s most famous surf spots; the ideal spot to combine English learning with surfing. After coming back, she told us about her experiences.

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Ireland view cliffs
The Beautiful Coastlines of Ireland

Learning English and Surfing in Bundoran

A few months ago Lynn came to us, asking where she could go to best learn English in combination with surfing. She was looking for a place not too far from home, in an international environment and preferably in a location that had that certain ‘special’ quality. Olmo from SurfaWhile was the one with the eintein moment, “Ive got it! Bundoran”, a truly beautiful surf spot in Ireland.

The English Language School

Lynn: ”a school day starts at 9:15 am and ends at 12:30. On the first day of school, you have to do a test to determine which class you end up in. You practice speaking, writing, listening every day whilst learning the essential grammar in a well explained manner. The level in the classroom was very good. I was in a class with a number of Brazilians, Mexicans, Spaniards and Germans. The real value was that i almost never spoke Dutch, making it a challenge to always speak English. You can also rent a bike from school. All you have to do is pay a deposit, which you get back at the end.”

The Surfing

While Lynn spent 8 weeks in Bundoran taking English lessons, I advised her to start surfing. For the first three weeks of lessons she was given specific instruction and then within 3 weeks of surfing lessons i was ready to surf by myself. You can always book this on the spot. Lynn: ”The first 3 weeks I had surfing in the afternoon and after those 3 weeks I started surfing by myself. The surf lessons were also very well arranged. The surf school has a wide range of surfboards and wet suits for guests to use. Since I could surf reasonably, the first lesson was spent evaluating my level. After that, every lesson we looked at what I could improve and the surf instructors gave me some great tips.”

Does Learning English and surfing in Bundoran sound good to you?

”In Bundoran there are 2 main surf spots, Tullan Beach and The Peak. In principle, you can find a good spot for every level and there are waves almost every day. If there are no waves in Bundoran, you can always go to Rossnowlagh or Streedagh. By car you will be there in about 20 minutes and when you rent a surfboard at the surf school, they will take you there. You can easily rent a surfboard or purchase a second hand surfboard.”

Things to do in Bundoran

”The school organised 3 to 4 excursions every week. Often on Saturday there was a distant excursion, such as too Slieve League Cliffs, Derry or the Giant’s Causeway. On Tuesday there was a nature excursion. I went to waterfalls, lakes and mountains and usually we took a long afternoon walk there. On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday workshops were usually given or you could go bowling or wander down to the old pubs for example.”

”In addition to surfing, I also like to photograph. In the vicinity of Bundoran you have many beautiful spots where you can explore your creative skills. At Zephyr Lodge, (the place I stayed) you can walk a whole piece along the cliffs and there is also a natural pool, where you can swim. I’ve also watched and photographed the sunset here a lot.” Lynn wasn’t bored for a moment, it seems.

”I went to Bundoran just after the summer holidays, so there were fewer people my age. During the summer holidays there will be more young people, but in the time I stayed in Bundoran, I have met a lot of new people. At school you get in touch with each other quickly, but also at the surf school you get to know new people in a different way as you are all unfied by your love of the ocean.”

Lynn, super nice you wanted to share your story with us. Hopefully we’ll see you again!

If learning English and surfing is something you would dream of being a part of then check out out surfing in Ireland page too make that dream a reality.

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