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Meet the Ticket to Ride South Africa Team

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Meet the Ticket to Ride South Africa Team

We have teamed up with Ticket to Ride Worldwide Surf Adventures to offer incredible surfing adventures in Southern Africa. Probably one of the best surf trips on the planet!
A huige shout but Ticket to Ride have been running this trip for over ten years, so know what they are doing and each year the trip goes from strength to strength. A big part of the Ticket to Ride experience is having expert tuition and knowledge from their Trip Leaders. Their job is not only to coach you and make sure you improve your surfing but also to make sure your experience with Ticket to Ride is unforgettable. Every customer comes back from their adventure saying that it wouldn’t have been the same without them;
“Chris is a full on legend and the best surf coach I could ever imagine. I’m a surf coach myself now but I still want to do another trip with Chris to improve my surfing further.” Josh Devaney – South Africa & Mozambique 13 Week Adventure
Klee and Nikita are amazing, they really care about you and want to enjoy everyday and get the most out of your Surfing.” Tobias Lovie – South African 10 Week Adventure 
“Klee and Nikita were the most generous, kind and professional people, we were truly blessed to have them as our Trip Leaders.” Christopher Zacky – South Africa & Mozambique 13 Week Adventure
Clearly Ticket to Ride have made sure that they’ve picked the best possible team for the job and they always produce the goods when it comes to running some of the best Surf Trips on the planet. If you’re thinking of going on one of these life changing trips, meet the team:
Chris Bond
Chris has been involved in Ticket to Ride South Africa since the very first trip in 2005 and as a result, his knowledge of the trips is priceless. Chris represented the Western Province competing on the South African circuit and now is one of South Africas best coaches being involved in the coaching team for the South African Juniors. Chris’s attention to detail when it comes to coaching is unparrelelled. You’ll also spot him getting barrelled in Kalk Bay pits on his day off… a wave not for the faint hearted.
“Chris in his natural home of a Kalk Bay pit”
“Chris can also fly for a big guy”
Nikita Robb
Nikita is one of the best female surfers in Southern Africa and has worked hard to achieve her goal of competing on the World Tour in 2010, since becoming a multiple SA champion. Having competed at the highest level, we’re lucky to have Nikita’s wealth of knowledge on the team. She’s also always smiling, one of the most stoked people you’ll ever meet.
Nikita 5
“Nikita getting some air on a Mozam beachie”

“Grabbing rail and pulling in!”
Jared Veldhuis
Jared Veldhuis is one of the Quiksilver SA’s top groms and one of the top surfers in South Africa on the WSL Junior Qualifying Series. He’s straight from the new school and his aerials are amongst the best in the game. His performance surfing pushes you to surf better and he’s always frothing to get a wave. Jared will teach you how to fly!
Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.09.30
“Jarred flying high!”
Luke Geldenhuys
Growing up in Cape Town, Luke got into surfing at quite a young age but took a bit of a break as rugby took up most of his time. Now he’s like a frothing grom and spends every second he can in the water. He also loves to train and beach fitness sessions are the norm.


If you want to join the awesome team in South Africa and take your surfing to the next level, take a look at the following trips and book that ticket!
22nd January – 1st April 2016: 10 Week South Africa Surf Adventure

22nd January – 22nd April 2016: 13 Week South Africa Surf Adventure

7th July – 18th August 2016: 6 Week surf Adventure, Cape Town to Durban

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