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The Mid Winter Surf Trip

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The Mid Winter Surf Trip

There’s no doubting that January and February suck in the UK. It’s freezing, Christmas has past and all your left with is a list of unattainable goals that you’ve set yourself whilst eating your daily calorie allowance in tipsy trifle.
That’s probably why we’ve had heaps of enquiries for January and February surf trips and to help you decide where you’re going run away from it all and surf warm waves this new year, here’s some surf inspiration for you.

Minted: £1,000+
Life is very good in Costa Rica. “Pura Vida” is the Costa Rican equivalent to “cheers mate”, said by everyone and literally translates to “pure life”.  The climate and waves remind me a bit like Sri Lanka, but Costa Rica boasts a strong economy, the strongest in Central America, very proud and passionate people and a great environmental ethic, quite unlike Lanka. It’s basically a clean paradise.  We work with great accommodation providers in the wave drenched Guancaste area, which means a 6 hour transfer, but the journey is part of the fun and if you catch the ferry into the Puntarenas Province at sunset, it’s one of the most beautiful ferry rides you will ever have.
You can join us on our 2 week Costa Rica Surf Adventure for £995, which includes all of this stuff, the local dish a Casado consists of steak, plantain, rice, beans, salad, avocado and fries and costs £2.50, Burritos are around the same price and are amazing, then add flights for around £500 and you’ll be loving the Pura Vida.
You could also consider Indonesia where you will probably surf the best waves in the world. Not for the fainthearted.
Yeah I’ve been saving a bit: £500 – £1000
The Canaries is Europe’s version of Hawaii as it’s pounded by swell that breaks over volcanic reef all Winter, it is also known as Isla del Sol (island of the sun) and boasts an average 22degrees in Winter so a 3mm wetsuit is all you’ll need. It’s also cheap as chips and if you get three mates together you can hire a fully chartered surf boat, where captain Fufi will feed you, give you beers and most importantly drop you off to the lineup of the best waves on the island. There are 40 well known waves on the island and Fufi know 40 more.
The scenery is awesome and the island has become a protected biosphere reserve, with one of Europe’s biggest desert and semi desert region. It’s also an incredible place to star gaze.
You can rent the surf boat for you and three friends for £583pp for a week, which includes all meals, water and beers, then add flights of around £60 return and you’ll have a bit of change.
If the Canaries doesn’t float your boat then try Sri Lanka.
Financially challenged: under £500
Morocco is the ultimate place for the budget surf tripper. I’m actually writing this blog from Taghazoute, where we’ve had incredible waves and never spend more than £2 on a meal. Everything is cheap out here. You can get a two bed apartment, that sleeps four over-looking Killer Point for £164.50pp (based on four sharing), flights are also very cost effective going from Gatwick to Agadir every day for as little as £60 return.  It’s also a ‘dry town’ so you won’t get caught out blowing your budget on booze!
Morocco Nov 2014-06403
Portugal is also cheap as chips

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