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Moroccan Magic

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Moroccan Magic

Annie Cummins, self-confessed surf girl and blogger tells us what its like to surf in Morocco for the first time.
Im 23 years old, Not the world’s best surfer & I haven’t surfed outside Europe, Yet there I was standing outside Agadir Airport in Morocco wondering what on earth I’ve let myself in for.
I’ve read a few things about Morocco on the internet & heard stories from friends who have been there, but it’s not until you physically see it in the beautiful sunshine that you realise what a unique place it is.

With the never ending view of the ocean from our balcony at the Hash Point Surf Villa & an amazing breakfast every morning it was off to the beach to get started on the surf.
The waves were my ideal waves, Fair sized, fun & if you were to wipe out it wouldn’t feel like you were being spun round in a washing machine.

After a day of free surf in the big blue we decided to have an intermediate lesson. After a quick warm up and beach briefing we all headed out back to catch some green waves.
Considering this time last year I wouldn’t go anywhere near green waves I was feeling quite confident. However after several wipeouts & a close encounter with a jelly fish, that confidence melted quicker than a chocolate teapot, but the shouts of joy coming Minimo every time I stood up soon brought it back.
The evenings in Morocco were spent on the roof terrace with the fellow surfers staying at the camp, after a beautifully cooked Moroccan dish the conversation would quickly turn into everyone talking about the surf failures & successes of the day, with Marc (the camp manager) in the background playing the guitar & a mint tea to hand it didn’t take long to fall in love with the Moroccan surfer life.

With every sunrise came a new experience, although the routine of the day stayed the same, we’d meet different people, surf different waves & explore new wonders of Taghazoute. Regardless of if we were popping into the local shop to buy some post surf Oreo’s or heading over to Anchor point to see the sunset, we were constantly surprised by how friendly the locals were & how beautiful the area is.

I thought I would come back from Morocco & have another blog entry like my previous ones, explaining how my surf was/wasn’t progressing, but once I began to write, although my surfing has dramatically improved in the last week, I feel that if I could write a blog about Morocco instead of my surfing & convince someone to visit Taghazoute then that would be much more satisfying.

I’ve left Morocco feeling like I’ve left school. I met an amazing group of people from all over the world, Australia, Norway, France & South Africa (just to name a few). The staff at the camp were amazingly chilled out and after the first night you felt like you’ve known them your whole life.
So from Camel riding on the beach, surfing green waves & the chill out sessions on the roof terrace, Morocco has truly secured a place in my heart & I’m already counting down the days until I can go again.

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