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Morocco – All The Boxes Ticked For A Surf Holiday

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Morocco – All The Boxes Ticked For A Surf Holiday

Morocco Nov 2014-6682
There’s a short and simple check list that quickly throws together the basics of the ideal surf holiday.
– Price
– Food
– Surf
– Accommodation
– Culture
– Weather
Any surfer knows that if you can balance those 6 you’re in for a solid surf trip. One of the places that has one of the best balances (especially if you’re based in Europe) is Morocco.
Situated in the northern tip of Africa, Morocco has long been a mecca for Euro surfers – far enough away for a proper holiday, but close enough to home that the flights don’t smash the budget, especially if you can nab an Easyjet promo fare into Agadir.
Being in Africa the climate is much more favorable than the UK and luckily the peak swell season is slap in the middle of the European winter – the perfect excuse to avoid the drizzle and early nights in favour of some Saharan sun and surf.
The easy on the wallet price not only covers flights, but also everything on the ground too – with nutritious sustenance to fuel your surfs being budget friendly and delicious, so if you plan to surf for 2 weeks or 2 months you’re not going to have to live  too frugally
Despite the surf tourism industry being a huge source of income Morocco has still retained it’s culture and is one of the easiest stops from the UK to immerse yourself in a truly unique culture. Goats roam the streets, Berberes stroll the hills and the blaring call to prayer echoes from the Mosques on a daily basis.
It’s a culture that will stimulate all your senses and the sights and smells are something that will stay with you long after you’ve flown home.
And then of course there’s the surf – which lets face it is the main reason for you jumping on a plane and lugging your quiver to a new continent. Morocco is one of the most surf blessed stretches of coastline I’ve ever travelled too and there’s heaps of spots to choose from for all levels and styles of surfer. The sheer variety and consistency are massively under rated; within 10 minutes drive of Taghazout you’ll find upwards of 20 spots, from the perfect peeler ‘Boilers’ and the infamous Anchor Point to the learner beaches of Crocs and the longboard friendly point of Banana Beach. All of which you will need nothing more than a 3:2 wetsuit, year round.
No matter what board you ride, size you like, or experience level peak season in Morocco will no doubt deliver. It’s close enough for a short surf trip, yet feels a million miles away. The sun is always shining and the local culture will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Throw in some awesome new developments, mainly in the name of the Sol House Taghazout and you’ve got a holiday not just for hard core surfers any more, but something that will satisfy the surfing widows and even girls only surf camps.
This new development stretches across the coast line from the town of Taghazout and offers a truly 4* experience at classically Moroccan prices. The views are off the chain and you can walk straight from the resort onto a playful beach break, with the epic point break ‘Panoramas’ a 5min walk away. The resort boasts two restaurants options with freshly cooked food from a la carte menus or buffet options. There’s also a fully equipped gym, beach volleyball, surf academy on the beach, decent games room and serious relaxing spaces.
We’ve been there, it’s epic and I must also mention they have the only bar in Taghazout. I’m not sure how they’ve done it, but now the missus can enjoy a cocktail by the pool whilst you surf the best right handers of your life and you can enjoy a post-surf beverage legally for the first time in Taghazout.
Everyone’s a winner! For more info on Sol House, or to book your stay click here.
Someone say epic pool?
Cabana life at Sol House Taghazout
Morocco Nov 2014-6409
A beauty of its own
Amazing climate
DSC_0594Visual feast
Goats in trees… and bins

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