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The best surf spots of Morocco

Surf Guide Morocco

The best surf spots of Morocco

Morocco offers a long list of best surf spots, there are too many to mention them all. However, we at Errant Surf have made an effort and are excited to present you the country’s best spots.

Anchor Point
Location – 1km from Taghazout | Wave Type – Right hand point break | Ideal Swell Direction – Westerly
Anchors is one of the worlds most famous waves, attracting surfers, photographers and spectators from all over the world to experience this amphitheatre of the surf industry. On it’s day, rides of 400 metres are not uncommon with surfers taking off on the fun, fat faces of the point riding all the way to the racing section inside.
It’s a slightly sketchy jump off the rock in to the line up, but only about a 30 metre paddle once you’re in.

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The best surf spots of Morocco

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We’ve dedicated a separate article that only focusses on surfing in Taghazout

Killer Point
Location – 3km from Taghazout | Wave Type – Right hand point break | Ideal Swell Direction – North Westerly
Despite the name, there’s nothing sinister about Killer Point. It’s only called Killers because of the Killer whales sometimes spotted enjoying the deeper, cooler Atlantic waters in the winter. Killers often picks up swell when no where else in the area is working, giving a super fun, head high point break. When there is swell, it’s one of the most spectacular waves in the area offering un-crowded, double over-head and powerful waves.
Often un-crowded due to the solid paddle out to the line up, but the juice is definitely worth the squeeze on this one.

For the ones looking for more stuff to do during your surf holidays in Morocco, have a look at our travel guide on Morocco.

La Source
Location – 3km from Taghazout | Wave Type – Right hand point break | Ideal Swell Diretion – North Westerly
A perfect beginners reef for those wanting to take their surfing to the next level. Called La source for the natural spring that flows into the sea from the cliff edge, this A frame has something fro everyone.
Based right in front of the Killer Point luxury apartments and infinity pool, you could be the first one in the water for the dawn patrol.
Hash Point
Location – on the door step of the Berber Surf Villa | Wave Type – Right hand point break | Ideal Swell Diretion –Westerly
They say it got it’s name from the surfers who were too “tired” to walk up to anchor point so settled for 2nd best. A fun and easy point break, Hash Point is based right in front of our Berber Surf Villa. There’s nothing quite like waking up, walking out the front door and rocking off straight to the line up.
Location – 8km from Taghazout | Wave Type – Beach break | Ideal Swell Diretion – North
Crocs is an ideal beginners sandy beach break and where the Surf Schools usually go. The beach itself is clean, wide and safe giving consistent and small waves. It works best on a northerly swell. Check our Brahim’s fish restaurant for lunch – possibly the best restaurant in the area!
The KM’s and Banana Beach
Location – 10-14km Taghazout | Wave Type – Point, reef and beach breaks | Ideal Swell Diretion – North
A bit of a jack of all trades master of none, the beaches around banana village have something for everyone – high tide/low tide, beach, reefs, points – it’s all there and even though you can find better elsewhere, it’s a nice area to spend the day to try a variety of waves.
Out of Taghazout
Location – 20 minute drive north of Taghazout | Wave Type – Reef break | Ideal Swell Direction – Northerly
Boilers is one of the most beautiful and mechanical waves in the area. It gets it’s name either from the ship’s boiler protruding out of the shallows, or way the water seems to ‘boil’ from the reef just feet below the surface. It’s not for the feint hearted being one of the few waves in the area to legitimately barrel in all swell sizes. Wear boots to avoid those pesky sea urchins.
Location – 30 minute drive north of Taghazout | Wave Type – Beach break | Ideal Swell Direction – Northerly
A swell magnet and a place that will guarantee a wave regardless of time of year, swell direction and conditions. Tamri is a 2km beach on the back of some of the regions most expansive banana groves offering stunning scenery.
The wave itself is a great beginner wave on a small day offering un-crowded spots to perfect your pop up. On a good day, Tamri is arguably Morocco’s best beach break holding huge swells firing both lefts and rights. It’s definitely worth a look even if just for the scenery!
Location – 90 minute drive north of Taghazout | Wave Type – Beach and point break | Ideal Swell Direction – Westerly and Northerly
Often described as Tahazoute 20 years ago, Immsoune is getting a reputation for itself as being a great place to come and chill out for the day. It has 2 main spots. Cathedrals is an wide, open beach break similar to but not as big as Tamri. The bay is the perfect beginner break offering ideal waves for beginners to practice on. You can pretty much walk out to the line up and longboards have been reported to catch rides lasting over a minute!
Head to the fish market for lunch to buy a nice piece of tuna or sardines and get the local guys to grill it up for you in one of the restaurants!
Location – 90 minute drive south of Taghazout | Wave Type – Beach break | Ideal Swell Direction – Northerly
If off the beaten track you want, then off the beaten track you’ll get! Tifnit is a beautiful little fishing village with not much more than a few houses, surf shacks and a couple of shops doted about. It’s rare to be sharing the surf with more than a handful of people, most of them locals who will be more than happy to shout you into waves and share their experiences with you!

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