Nat Fox – Update SurfGirl Spain Trip

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Nat Fox – Update SurfGirl Spain Trip

This is my second surf and pilates week at La lovely Hosteria in Spain, and I must confess last time I was rather lax on the pilates front. Therefore, this week, I am determined to be a star pupil, attend every class and work my abs, buns and tum without uttering a letter of complaint. And my determination is working – because I’m actually enjoying it! It’s hard, not only the getting up at 8am, but the subtle movements and muscle work that really penetrate into that inner body structure we call “the core”. But I can actually feel different layers of muscle working when I want them to, and that I’m developing some sort of control over parts of my body. The surf on the other hand has been slightly more testing! According to reports it was meant to be flat, so we have been lucky enough to have waves at least. And with conditions way warmer than the UK, the girls have been doing really well getting to grips with a new coach (me), new equipment, new surroundings and new challenges. We have a small group of mixed ability, so I am trying to spent time with each individual; finding out their goals, strengths and weaknesses and working through them together, at their own pace. There’s no pressure, and it looks set to be an enjoyable week because it’s obvious, first and foremost, these girls just wanna have fun!

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