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New rules revealed for England: Portugal on the green list

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New rules revealed for England: Portugal on the green list

Following our earlier message about the optimism in regards to traveling within Europa (mainly), Grant Shapps has announced a green list of countries that will be allowed to visit without as many restrictions as before. The UK Secretary of State for Transport has announced that 12 countries have been put on a green travel list for people in England, meaning travellers returning will not longer need to stay in quarantine, as of May 17th.

Surf holidays in Portugal

Among the 12 countries there are Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Gibraltar, Portugal and many others. Wait, did we say Portugal?! That’s especially exciting to all surf-lovers. Here at Errant Surf we’ve listed a couple of our top-picks that we’d like to highlight to all holidaymakers for 2021 that wouldn’t mind to catch a wave or two.

4.9 / 5 – 25 reviews

Surf Lisbon Surf House

Lisbon, Portugal
Avg. 25 – 38 years old. (Min. 18)
Beginners & intermediate
Feb – Nov
From € 385,- per person, incl. surf lessons

Starting at May 17th, green countries can be visited without having to worry about a hotel quarantine upon return in the UK and not even a self isolation. The only requirement is a PCR test within 2 days after returning to the UK. There’s the notion that countries might have requirements to visitors, such as PCR test upon arrival or prior to boarding the flight to your destination.

Full story and details to be found on the article published by the BBC on the Green List Countries.

Ticket prices likely to go up soon

After travellers from the Netherlands have been ‘warn’ about ticket prices to destinations like Portugal going up very soon, UK citizens can expect a similar scenario. Airlines witness an increase in bookings, pushing up the prices even further. This applies for surf holidays too. Even though prices won’t necessarily change (for the surf holiday packages), it’s smart not to wait long before booking your flights as those prices almost surely will go up in the coming days.

4.8 / 5 – reviews

Dreamsea Surf House

Sintra, Portugal
Avg. 25 – 45 years old. (Min. 18)
All surf levels, incl. beginners
All year round
From € 649,- per person, incl. surf lessons & meals

In case you’d still not sure which surf holiday suits you best, just give us a shout. You can do so through email (, WhatsApp (+316 40488347) or the website chat. And in case you’d be looking for an affordable surf holiday in the area of Lisbon where you can even practice mountainbiking, just check out one of our newest partners below.

4.9 / 5 – reviews

Da Silva Surfcamp

Praia da Areia Branca – Portugal
Avg. 30 – 50 years old. (Min. 12)
All surf levels, incl. beginners
Mar – Nov
From € 340,- per person, incl. surf lessons & meals


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