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Non Surf things to do in Sri Lanka

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Non Surf things to do in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has pumping surf, but here are 5 non-surf related reasons to visit the beautiful island:

Geography of Sri Lanka
This might be a small country. However, this is just but a blessing in disguise for it plays to its benefits as an attractive top tourist destination. The island’s unique geography provides it with different attractive landscapes. These range from seas of green plantations to beaches of white sand to misty mountains. Therefore, travelling from one area to another doesn’t take much. This implies that on a short holiday, you are going to be able to enjoy and experience various locations without having to spend so much time with travelling from one site to another.
Hospitality in Sri Lanka
Sri Lankans have famous history for the kind of hospitality that they pay to travelers and tourists. Being a top tourist destination, the locals see the foreigners quite often. However, this doesn’t mean that they have become familiar with them to the point of breeding contempt for them. In fact, majority of locals will go out of their way just to give help to a lost traveler, or anyone who requires assistance. Like in any other country, there are infrequent “tourist traps” to take advantage of unsuspecting visitor, but this is not normally practiced, and definitely not at the level with those carried out in other tourist hotspots like Indonesia and Thailand. Travelers to Sri Lanka are going to discover that the people there are honestly friendly.
Accommodation in Sri Lanka
Accommodation level that you find in Sri Lanka is also of very high standard. From five-star luxury resorts to affordable guesthouses and inns, finding some place you can stay, with excellent service and lively view is a walk in the park. Whether you need to see a beach, the hills, the plantations, the forests, you are going to find a hotel of perfect standard to enjoy your experience and rest. Mix this with the level of hospitality that you are going to receive from your host, and know you are going to be pampered during the entire duration of your visit.
Food in Sri Lanka
With its population which is culturally and ethnically diverse, it’s no surprise that the country’s cuisine has numerous unique dishes which reflects this diversity. While in general Sri Lankans prefer spicy food, as shown by numerous sambols and curries, there are additionally numerous other dishes that may be enjoyed by visitors having less adventurous palates. These include dishes like roti, kotu and biriyani that are made in Sri Lanka and have distinctive tastes which cannot be compared with anywhere in the world. Additionally to such meals, majority of the side dishes and sweets prepared here cannot be compared anywhere else either. Therefore, this makes a holiday to Sri Lanka a trip for your taste buds, too.
Festivals in Sri Lanka
This is a country boasting of a high number of (national) holidays since it observes these for numerous religions and cultures. With the celebration of Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim holidays, the country is guaranteed at least one holiday every month. A number of them are celebrated with great festivities. For instance, at the Buddhist Perahera, you are going to see dancers in procession alongside trained elephants and fire-eaters. Others are also celebrated with similar level of grandeur. When you visit Sri Lanka, you are going to catch such unforgettable events every time of the year.
With such an exciting country, you should not wait to be told to visit Sri Lanka. What you need is to get your passport and when you receive your Sri Lankan visa allowing you to visit the country; you are bound to have a memorable visit.

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