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North Spain Surfing Holidays – Meet Carlos

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North Spain Surfing Holidays – Meet Carlos

Northern Spain is a great place to learn to surf, or hone your surfing skills. It’s also where Errant Surf Holidays all started, meaning we have a special bond with the place. Since we moved out of the Surf House in Loredo, Carlos (manly topless guy above) and Ainize took over and are the perfect hosts for such a beautiful part of the country. Carlos is a crazy surfer, skates amazingly, is a great chef, eats well and knows his wine. He’s also a total legend who’ll ensure your stay at Loredo Surf House is perfect.
So here is the third part of our series of interviews with our reps around the globe. Meet Carlos…
So first things first, how much is a beer at the bar?  1€
What do you love about running a surf house?  Absolutely everything. We are living the dream
What do you hate? (if anything)  Nothing at all
What are the three best things about Somo? It has a great surfing atmosphere, consistent waves all year round and there is a really cool typically Spanish night life. You have to experience it!
How do single travelers get on at Latas Surf House? They love it because the meet lots of people. We have clean, roomy budget dorm rooms with 4 – 8 beds that most single people opt to stay in to get that true traveller feel
What time is breakfast served until?  All you can eat Spanish buffet until 11am
What’s the surf like in the area?  Very consistent and as we have a 7 mile long beach it rarely gets crowded
Can you get barreled?  I do like 10 times a day 😉
Can learners learn safely? Yes, as we have such big beach we always fine a suitable wave for any level
What’s the local food like? There are lots of nice local restaurants serving the best food in the world. You must let me take you for a steak when you get here. It is incredible
Sum up the Latas in three words: Fun, relaxing, friendly
Sum up Somo in three words: Surf, Party, Food
Gracias Carlos, Hasta luego

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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