One more wave please.

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One more wave please.

Surf Girl Blogger Annie tells it as it is, just one more

Ben Harper (Waiting for the world to change) is playing in the background, the first Surfgirl mag of 2011 is on my bedside chest & it is now feeling like summer.
In the happy summer mood I’m in and the fact im off to Newquay next Thursday, I decided to pack.
Firstly I had to remind myself of everything I needed for the first surf of the year. Looking around my room the first thing I see (which I can’t really avoid) Its “Betsy” my 7″ 6 surfboard towering tall in the corner of my room. This was then followed by a bar of Sex Wax next to the fish tank. After remembering how good Mr Zoggs smelt I found my new Billabong Robie which I got for Christmas and started to feel a little bit relieved that I will be that tiny bit warmer when getting changed after a session!
I don’t need to try and remind myself of everything I need because all I really need is myself, my board & my wetsuit. After all the rest can be brought in shops & saying “oh dear I forgot to pack it” would be a good excuse to go shopping anyway.
Once all the packing was out the way it was time to daydream about what next week will bring. In my ideal world it will be sunny, the waves will be small, fun & clean and the wind will be offshore. But in reality and how my luck normally turns out it will be rainy, the waves will be choppy and the wind will be onshore.
The one thing I am looking forward to the most (apart from a nice glass of wine after a day of surf) is when you hit the big blue, catch some amazing waves &  having the “one last wave” conversation with yourself  knowing that no matter how exhausted you are, you will always give in, turn round and head back out for more…

Errant Surf

Ontvang inspiratie in jouw mailbox!

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