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Our Top 5 Winter Surf Destinations

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Our Top 5 Winter Surf Destinations

Since 1966 surfers have been chasing the idea of an Endless Summer. With the world’s best surf spots just a plane ride away here are our top picks to escape the winter blues for a surf holiday full of sun, surf and endless stoke!

Surf during the winter: Fuerteventura

‘Europe’s Hawaii’ A firm favorite of ours, Fuerteventura has absolutely everything you could want from a winter surf getaway: sun, surf and a laid-back surf culture. With over 300 days of sunshine a year you would have to be extremely unlucky to have more than one or two days of rain during your stay. The North Atlantic swell creates waves all around the island breaking over some of the most consistent reefs in Europe as well as offering plenty of beginner-friendly sandy beach breaks as well. Only 4 – 5 hours away from most major European cities, and to top it all off, the water is a balmy 19 degrees.

4.5 / 5 – reviews

Surfescape Fuerteventura

Lajares, Fuerteventura
Avg. 20 – 50 years old. (Min. 18)
All surf levels, incl. beginners
All year round
From € 310,- per person, incl. surf lessons & meals

Surf during the winter: Morocco

Much like Fuerteventura, Morocco is much more at home listed among surf destinations like Indo, Hawaii or even the Maldives than it is next to its European cousins like France and Spain, and maybe even Portugal. That is to say that short of getting a long-haul flight to the other side of the world, you aren’t going to do a lot better for surf than the likes of Anchor Point, Killer Point, Safi, Boilers, Imsouane (The Bay) and Essaouira (not to mention the plethora of beginner-friendly beaches). Put that all together with the 18 °C water temperature and enough extracurricular activities to keep all the non-surfers in your party happy, and you might just have the perfect winter surf getaway!

4.7 / 5 – 25 reviews Gezelligheid

Blue Waves Tamraght

Agadir, Morocco
Avg. 25 – 40 years old. (Min. 18)
All surf levels, incl. beginners
All year round
From € 235,- per person, incl. surf lessons & meals

Surf during the winter: Australia

There’s no better way of escaping winter then just jumping right back into summer but not just any summer, an Australian summer. Ditch your hood, boots, gloves and your wetsuit and head out to the east coast where you’ll be met by 28(degree) days, 24(degree) water and more beaches than you can count, all hit by the nicest ‘cyclone season’ you will ever experience!

Check out this great guide to surfing all over Australia !

Surf during the winter: Bali

There’s never a bad time to visit Bali, especially for a surf trip. Constant warm water and world-class waves, affordable and diverse food and the perfect scenery for that all-important Instagram photo! Although October through until April is the wet season in Bali, the change in wind direction during these months causes the right-handers of the island’s east side to light up, giving this time of year the affectionate term ‘The Going-Off Season’.

Surf during the winter: Sri Lanka

4.4 / 5 – reviews

Surf Camp Sri Lanka

Ahangama, Sri Lanka
Avg. 23 – 38 years old. (Min. 18)
All surf levels, incl. beginners
All year round
From € 599,- per person, incl. surf lessons & meals

Sri Lanka’s an amazing destination where you can surf basically all year round. Besides the great surfing in Sri Lanka, there’s so much more to discover. Think about the very famous train tracks and bridges, the gastronomy which absolutely’s on point and the lovely locals you will come across, undoubtely.

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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  1. Hawaii man! Best surfing destination in winter for sure, waves are super consistent and get pretty massive…

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