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Indo inventory – What to pack for your trip

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Indo inventory – What to pack for your trip

With our trips to Indo running year round, we thought it was about time to write a blog for you cheeky little rippers to make sure you don’t forget any trip essentials

The nice thing about Indo is it only does two seasons, warm and really warm, so whatever time of year you go you can pretty much use the same checklist


T-shirts/Vests – You’ll only need a couple as you will be in the water most of the time. Don’t forget you can wash your clothes while you’re out there so there’s never a need to pack for more than 1 week.
Trousers – Think lose fitting, its gonna be hot remember, so you don’t want to be sweating it out on the beach in your suit trousers
Shorts – A couple of pairs of ‘everyday’ shorts and a couple of boardies should see you right
Jumpers/Hoodies – Chances are you will only need this for the plane journey, you shouldn’t need any more than two throughout
Flip Flops – When you’re not walking around barefoot a pair of trusty flip-flops will come in very handy
Cap – To make sure that pretty little face of yours is protected from the sun


PASSPORT, PASSPORT, PASSPORT!!! – As obvious as it may sound, you’ll be surprised by the number of people who still forget their passport when going on holiday. Take it from someone who learned the hard way
Towel – Get your hands on a microfiber sports towel, they pack super small, are super light and dry in an instant, meaning you can even splash out and have one for showering and one for the beach
Spending money – check out our ‘HEADING TO INDO? WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO’ blog for a rough guide on how much you will need to take
Sun cream/Zinc – Waterproof sun cream is a must and zinc is perfect for keeping the sun off your face during the long days in the water
Power adaptor – you will need a 2-pin adaptor
Mosquito Repellent – I cannot emphasize enough, make sure you don’t forget this and some spare!!
(Waterproof) Camera – Nothing says you’ve had an awesome holiday more than being able to take amazing snaps to make all your mates at home jealous on your return
Bottle opener – unless you’ve got your reef flip-flops packed, this is a guaranteed way to make friends from the offset
Books – for those smaller days (laugh) when its bit to small, only triple overhead and your semi-gun is in for a repair, have a good book to hand to pass your time
Playing Cards/Uno – a backpacker’s firm fave, super light and provides hours of traveler entertainment
Nokia 3310 – embrace the island spirit, throw away your smartphone, facebook and twitter, get yourself a local sim card so you can send weekly updates home and get that girl/guy in the bar’s number and you’re sorted
Contact details – it’s a good idea to have the contact details of the person collecting you from the airport and the accommodation you are staying in. You may need these for your disembarkation card and in case you get lost
Driving License – always good to have ID that isn’t your passport. You’ll also need this if you want to hire a moped or car
First Aid Kit – better to be safe than sorry, you never know the blister plasters might come in handy for the wax nipple rash
Back Pack – just a small one, good for plane hand luggage as well as taking stuff down to the beach


Boardies/Bikini – put the wetsuit away! You’re not going to need it, just a few pairs of boardies/tight fitting bikinis, you don’t want to be getting too familiar with your new mates on the first surf!!
Rash vest – just in case those blister plasters don’t work! Also a good way to protect yourself from the sun during too
Wax – the stories your friends have told you about a bar of soap doubling up as board wax, its all a lie. You’ll need warm water wax
Fin key – there’s nothing worse than arriving, surf is pumping and you have no way to put your fins
Fins – pretty much as bad as forgetting your fin key
Leash – the beaches in indo are quite a long swim from a lot of the breaks, so you don’t want to risk it
Board – make sure to check airline rules and reg.s on board carriage before you get to the airport
Ding Repair Kit – let’s hope you don’t need it, but just in case make sure you’re prepared
Bubblewrap – as delicately as airlines handle your board throwing them on and off planes, make sure you’ve taken the correct safety precautions yourself
Board Bag – no question about it, this is not optional unless you want a bag full of fiberglass dust at the other end

Did we mention Passport and Money??…

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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