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What to pack in the board bag on a surf trip to Barbados

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What to pack in the board bag on a surf trip to Barbados

You’ve booked your dream Surf holiday to Barbados and now you’ve started to think about what you need to pack. This is where a trip starts to become a reality and pre-trip excitement for tropical paradise set in!

With Barbados being a long-range flight for the majority of us, you will most likely have around 20kg – 30kg of surfboard allowance weight to play with depending on who you’re flying with. With this in mind you can pretty much fit all of your Surf equipment into your board bag.



Barbados offer up a whole range of waves for you to surf so you’ll need a board for all conditions. It rarely offers up massive waves so you’re not going to have to squeeze your 10 foot gun into your bag. I would bring something with a bit of volume like a fish with a quad fin set up for that extra drive on small days and also bring along something a little bit more performance based like your bog standard short board for those punchier days.


With the water in Barbados barely getting below 24 degrees centigrade, you’ll be needed the tropical white gold with you on your trip. Wax out in Barbados will be more expensive that buying it at home so order a bundle of it before you leave. Its always to give a few blocks to the locals.


No need for a wetsuit in Barbados unless you want to take a 2mil shorty in case its blowing a hooley and you’re a little chilly in the morning. I would invest in some decent boardshorts as you’ll practically be living in them when you’re out there. Make sure they very flexible and have a rash resistance material. The Hurley Phantoms as shown aren’t cheap but you’ll be happy you spend the money when you haven’t got a red raw groin after day 1 of surfing.

Rash Vest

The sun shines in Barbados most of the time and it aint half strong at full blast. It’s very easy to stay out in the water for a long time and not realise that the sun is going to work on you. Make sure you take a decent UV protected Rash vest which will not only help you escape the burn but stop the rash on your chest.

Fin Key

You can’t ever have enough fin keys. We find them in our wallets, dotted all over our cars, in our board bags and having them for Barbados is no exception. Great for the travelling surfer having to take fins off for the plane journey and great for mixing up your fin set up depending on conditions.

Sun Cream

With the sun being so strong, make sure you stock up on water resistant sun cream. Invest in some decent stuff such as Surfers Skin. This will stay on durning the longer sessions in the water and make sure you’re not “Red Lobster” at the end of it.

Ding Repair Kit

You never know what kind of hassle your boards are going to go through whether it’s from a rubbish bag handler at the airport or someone dropping in on you. Always be prepared and get yourself a ding repair kit. Especially make sure you have some sun resin, which is a quick, and easy fix allowing you to get back out to the line up asap.

Reef Booties

With the majority of the breaks being Reefs in Barbados, it’s a smart choice to bring some light reef boots out to stop your feet from getting a few cuts and scrapes along with protecting you from the ever annoying sea urchins.

Bubble Wrap and Pipe Lagging

We can never control how people are going to handle our boards after we flirt with the people at check in desk to not get charged extra fees. Make sure you pack your boards nice and tight with pipe lagging from your local hardware store on the rails and bubble wrap pretty much everywhere.

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