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What to pack for the Tropical Surf Trip

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What to pack for the Tropical Surf Trip

We’ve got a few of you booked onto our Costa Rica Surf Trip this February and the first question that you have all asked is “what do I need to pack?”

A very sensible question and here’s our answer in laymen’s terms:

Weather and Season

This seriously affect what to pack so take note: Dry Season – December to April and Rainy Season – May to November
We run our Costa Rica Surf Holidays during the dry season so all you have to worry about is warm temperatures and clear blue skies. During the dry season the temperatures will get up to the 30 degree mark with lows of 20. The temperatures are actually similar in the rainy season but it is wet. Like real wet.

Clothing Checklist

T Shirts – Depending on how long you’re going for, if it’s two weeks just pack for a week and wash your stuff instead of packing double.
Vests – more than you think as this is what you’ll mainly be wearing if you like donning wifebeaters.
Trousers – a light pair of trousers for the evening – not demin jeans, think more white, loose Mediterranean Dad-on-holiday style.
Shorts – at least a few pairs, two for keeping dry and one/ two for surfing in.
Hoody – or jumper for flight over and home.
Flip flops – a solid pair or two.
Hats – to keep the sun off.


First Aid Kit
Re-hydration Salts
Beach Towel
Water Bottle
US Plug Adaptor
Back Pack
Mosquito Repellent – LOTS of
GoPro Camera

Surf Equipment

Wax – With the water in Costa Rica barely getting below 22 degrees, you’ll need tropical wax which costs quite a bit out there as it’s imported.
Boardies – Invest in a solid pair of boardies or a bikini as you’ll be living in this your whole trip. Make sure they are flexible and rash resistant. Check Surfdome or your local surf shop for a good pair.
Rash Vest  – Although we all love to get an all-over leathery  tan, the sun is pretty brutal in Costa Rica so get a rashy to protect that pasty back. It’ll also ease the rib rub that you will inevitably suffer from.
Fin Key – These little gems are always needed whereever you are in the world and are priceless.
Sun Cream – Get some good stuff like Surfers Skin and maybe some zinc to protect those more delicate areas… like your lips and nose.
Ding Repair Kit – Self explanatory
Bubble Wrap and Pipe Lagging –  Boards always go through a beating travelling on a plane, especially if you have a connection flight, so head down to your local DIY store and grab some bubble wrap and pipe insulation lagging to protect your sticks. Make sure you have a good quality surfboard bag as well.
If you haven’t yet sorted your Winter escape and you’re interested in booking a trip to Costa Rica, come join us.

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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