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Patagonia launches ‘Worn Wear’ Clothing Store

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Patagonia launches ‘Worn Wear’ Clothing Store

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The fashion brand Patagonia is known for having their priorities straight. Clothing and fashion can be produced, but the perseverance of Mother Earth is the most important. They’ve taken this now to another level, by opening their first Worn Wear shop, in Boulder, Colorado.

Patagonia, much more than just a fashion brand

Patagonia already was working with a ‘worn wear-program’, where they are operating a number of mobile repair stations (trucks traveling across – mainly – the US). They have now taken that to another level, by opening its first Worn Wear Shop, where people can purchase clothes made out of clothes. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to have your current clothes repaired or traded.

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Patagonia outdoor life
Patagonia outdoor life

To create clothing from existing clothes; up-cycling, isn’t easy and does require quite some work. However, it all adds to the brand’s long-term goal of having a sustainable brand in a world where we are increasingly worried about manufacturing emissions, pollution and ocean plastics.

Visit the store

The store is now only opened until February, but let’s see what the future will bring. The store’s located at 1212 Pearl Street, Boulder (Colorado, USA).


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