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Perfect Portugal

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Perfect Portugal

You know that feeling when the final bell goes on the last day of school? Well that’s what it’s like for surfers all over Portugal when Winter shows it’s face. Temperatures may be cooling down a bit, but the surfing starts to heat up and with 850 km of coastline packed with some of Europe’s finest and most budget-friendly surf camps, it is one of the best places to be a surfer in Europe.
Portugal does have a series of archipelagoes in the Atlantic Ocean (Madeira and The Azores) but we’re talking about continental Portugal which starts to pump towards the end of September, all the way from Porto down to Portimao in the Algarve (yes, Praia da Rocha can get classic) and we’ve got camps all over the country.
Pictures say a thousands words so just look at this map of Portugal.
Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 15.07.34
Now that’s a shoot load of coast, all of which is seriously exposed to whatever the Atlantic chucks at it, apart from of course the beautifully warm Algarve area, including Lagos which seems to have it’s own climate and way more forgiving waves; perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers (However, this area can also go nuts in the Winter, you’ve been warned.)
Now look at these shots and this video of our surf camp in Lagos then check out the surf holidays in Portugal that we offer. Thank us later.

Staffan Rennermalm 162_2
An unridden left peels through on the South Coast
Staffan Rennermalm 377_2

And a few unridden rights…
Sam Lamiroy bloody loves Portugal
Doing a dawnie in the party town of Lagos is the way forward as most people are just going to bed whilst you’re off to score fun, glassy waves
Sagres kegs – this part of Portugal has so many coves it’s always offshore
Jordy Smith boosting at Peniche – if it’s good enough for the World’s best, it’s good enough for you
Book something this Winter asap!

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