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Perfect Surf In Your Back Garden?

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Perfect Surf In Your Back Garden?

If you have a bit of land to spare in the garden and fancy having your own perfect peeling wave then why not buy yourself a Wave Garden?


Wavegarden dates back to 2005, when engineer Josema Odriozola and sports economist Karin Frisch decided to combine their expertise in designing and building sport facilities, particularly skate parks, with their passion for surfing.

What both entrepreneurs enjoyed most about their skate park experience was seeing the smiles on the faces of the kids who could not wait to try out the new park. They decided to turn to their true passion, surfing, in order to re-create that same feeling for people not fortunate enough to have an ocean break nearby, or where ocean waves are too crowded or of poor quality.

They were convinced that world-class waves could be generated for any level of surfers anywhere in the world, no ocean required. Their goal was to try and reproduce the real sensations and experience of surfing a wave in the ocean under ideal conditions, and the outcome was Wavegarden.

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