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Portugal Surfing Holidays. Meet Marina…

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Portugal Surfing Holidays. Meet Marina…

Anyone looking to learn to surf in Portugal or even hang out and have an awesome surf trip with really cool people, you need to check Lagos out. The place is crazy and blends sick nightlife, surfing and classic Portuguese Culture, somehow perfectly and Canadian Globe-trotter Marina Paterson has one of the best jobs in town, running a very cool Surf Villa in this hedonistic heaven.
So here is the second part of our series of interviews with our reps around the globe. Meet Marina…
First things first, how much is a beer at the villa? Beer is one euro, wine’s five for a bottle.
What do you love about running a surf villa in Lagos?
I get to meet some great people and surf some sweet waves.  Being involved with people just getting into surfing is super rewarding too.  It’s awesome to hear people talking everyday about how absolutely stoked on the sport they’ve become, how good their surf was that day and how much they want to come back/don’t want to leave!
What do you hate? (if anything)
Not much to hate, maybe the hangovers, but the first dive fixes that right up!
What are the three best things about Lagos?
The beaches, the waves and the cheap cocktails.
How do you tolerate guests that get a bit too loose?
It usually isn’t a problem but when we do have big partiers in the house they tend to head out to town most nights, if everyone’s not getting involved .  Normally everyone gets along though and will have nights out (quiet ones and big ones) all together.
How do single travelers get on at the villa?
Really great, we’ve had many solo travelers join us, there’s always something to do and there’s plenty of space to chill so when we’ve had guests who are here to relax and have some quiet time they can get space from the group.  Otherwise we all eat together in the evening and then either play games, watch movies or head out. We end up with a little family once everyone’s been together a few days, surfing, chilling and partying together!
What time is breakfast until?
Served from 8:30 until 10am, birthday pancakes included!  (Full English can also be arranged).
What’s the surf like in the area?
It depends on the time of year, but there’s waves near on 365 days of the year. The summer is great for beginners to intermediates most days, but we do get some bigger swell even in the hottest months.  Spring and fall are great for south swell days, warm water (no wetsuit bonus) and waist to shoulder high, soft waves.  Winter time the west coast is great for the experienced surfers, although there’s usually smaller waves for everyone else on the south end of the west coast too.   We’re super lucky with the weather here as well, there’s only a few months where we get any rain or cold days, although last year we pretty much skipped the rainy season.
Can you get barrelled?
Definitely, I’ve seen quite a few people get barrelled at various beaches but there’s no specific spot in the area that pumps them out regularly.
Can learners learn safely?
Yeah, there are so many beaches up and down these coasts that you can always find the right waves.  The beaches are super long so there’s always plenty of white water and even some little reforms for learners.  We don’t have any hassling problems, almost everyone is very friendly in the water and we don’t have problems with sharks or rips so it’s incredibly safe.
What’s the local food like?
Portuguese food is amazing and if you like seafood it’s even better! There are some awesome little local restaurants that serve great big Cataplanas (clam and pork stew) or stuffed squid, beef or pork steaks Portuguese style, delicious!  There’s also a great Mexican restaurant, some epic burger places and all you can eat sushi if you ever get over the Portuguese feasts (not likely).  We also run weekly BBQs at the villa for our guests with local dishes like piri piri chicken and pork belly ribs!
Sum up the villa in three words:
Wicked, Fun and Super Chilled!
Sum up Lagos in three words:
Beautiful, Sunny & Loose!
And finally, in your opinion, is there anything wrong with a little bump and grind?
“I don’t see nothin wrong wit a lil BUMP N GRIND” – Urban Dictionary
So if this quick interview has inspired you to book your next surfing holiday to Portugal, give us a shout on (+44) 020 8133 6438 9am – 11pm GMT

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