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Portugal Surfing Holidays – Top 3

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Portugal Surfing Holidays – Top 3

We’re in a unique position here at Errant Surf Holidays. We get to go off all over the world and test some of the best surfing spots imaginable just for you. Don’t be too jealous though: if we didn’t go check them out we wouldn’t be able to give you the best tips about where to go and when. Like now – surfing holidays Portugal are just right at this time of year. So we thought we might share a few spots with you:
1: Supertubes
Every surfer knows where this one is. It does exactly what it says on the tin, so if you’re looking for a few barrels before spring, take your 3:2 summer wetsuit and get on out there. We can help you find the right places to stay in Supertubes, from self-catering apartments to shared villas.
2: Lagos and Arrifana
These spots are what surfing holidays Portugal are all about. Beautiful waves, wonderful Old Portuguese towns rambling down to golden beaches. If you want to live the dream, this is the place to start.
3: Peniche and Ericeira
West coast wonders and a great place to be at any time of year. Hit the waves and don’t forget to enjoy the seafood and custard tarts.
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