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How To Prepare For Your Surf Holiday

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How To Prepare For Your Surf Holiday

If you are about to go on your first surf holiday or even been a few times before, I guarantee you are wishing and hoping for a smooth trip. Being as prepared as you can be is a good start. You may ask how you can do this? Well here is how!
Familiarise yourself with your surf kit
You wouldn’t book a holiday without knowing where you were going, so the same can be applied to the sport of surfing! Learning a little about surfing and what the sport entails beforehand will help with the nerves. It will help you being prepared to learn/improve your surfing and most of all, can potentially guarantee a good surfing holiday experience. Learning what leg your leash goes on and knowing what size board is suitable for your level; all these things, will set you up for a relaxed, confident approach to your holiday.


Prepare for a steep learning curve
I would love to paint a pretty picture from the start here but surfing is one of the most complex sports in the world to get the hang of. It is allot of trial and error with balance and co-ordination as well as learning how to paddle correctly and all the little techniques that go with learning how to surf. But once you learn, especially if you practice and take notes from your instructor, you are on to a winning combination. Going on a surf holiday combines these factors perfectly. You are in perfect progressing conditions with allot of free time to practice all day long and in a way, you are free to dedicate your life to surfing for a short while!!


Research your destination
The best way of going about exploring the country you are embarking on is to know the best places to go for your ability. To understand the way things work in a particular place can help you feel at ease whilst exploring your paradise.
Respecting the locals is pretty important if you want to have a pleasant surfing experience out in the line up. Looking up other people’s feedback or talking to friends who have already been, may help you figure out the best way to approach these already chartered waters.
The other thing to research is the type of breaks you are visiting. Look out for the best places to paddle out from or any hazards to avoid, what kind of wave it is and whether your ability can match the conditions that day, safety first guys! Know your limits! So important to remember – you probably won’t have the RNLI to help you out.
Surf Ethics/Rules
The written/unwritten rules of surfing, shared all around the world. If you want that friendly vibe out in the water, the locals on your side and generally surfing the correct way. Follow some of these basic rules (there’s probably a few more!…) :
• Right of Way. The surfer closest to the peak gets priority.
• Don’t Drop In
• Don’t Snake
• Don’t Get in the Way
• The Furthest Out Gets Priority
• Do Not Throw Your Board
• Communicate What Will You Do
Have an open mind/agenda
Don’t plan too much, making friends enhances your experience and to make most of your ‘once in a lifetime’ trip, you want to keep slightly flexible. If you are on a tightly planned structural break then  my best advice would be to eat/drink at different restaurants and bars to open up your experience and if you are on an un-planned, take it as it comes kind of break then my best advice to you would be to stay at least more than two days on once place to really get the feel of the place, the people and everything you’ve gone out there to explore and understand.
I hope it is safe to say that you will take some of these helpful tips from this blog post with you on your surf trip and if you haven’t booked a holiday in which to put these tips into practice, get on and book one sharpish!!
H x

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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