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Quiksilver Pro Update

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Quiksilver Pro Update

Round 2 of the Quiksilver Pro France ran today then paused, due to the forecast showing 10ft waves headed for Europe’s surfing capital this weekend. Quiksilver made a wise choice in Mickey Picon as the contest director, because only locals can predict conditions resulting from a 20ft tide swing. The sandbank that competitors surf at the start of their heat can turn into shore-pounding sand-surge in a half-hour.
Already in round 1 & 2 a record breaking seven board were snapped in a single heat, and the currents challenged surfers to even make it to the line-up. 3-time event champ Mick Fanning posted the highest scores of the event, while his countrymen and world title contenders Joel Parkinson and Josh Kerr made early departures from the comp.
As the buoys start to bob and guys start waving down the skis like their lives depend on it, expect two surfers to pull away from the pack: Frenchmen Jeremy Flores, and world #1 Kelly Slater. Jeremy’s tube riding skills are as sharp as any, and with the locals hooting from the beach, expect to see J-Flo go for broke. Kelly has won at Hossegor, but not under his sponsor Quiksilver’s banner. So if Owen goes down in the 3rd, Bob Mcknight might start production on the new “Ke11y” apparel line.
The next call is 8:30 local time/ 11:30 PST… but remember they have heats on-demand the next day at so you don’t blow it at work tomorrow.

Hossegor -Situated in south west France, this little Basque town draws such amazing waves and vibes, that Tom Curren settled down here to raise his kids. If you surf, but the family wants a European vacation, you’re a fool not to book a trip to the Basque Country. Hanging in Hossegor, you’ll be getting free surf tips from T.Knox at breakfast, and be sitting across from Lopezs at lunch. With the best stretches of sandbars in the world literally breaking on WWII monuments, you’re sure to score in Hossegor.

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