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Rachels Top 5 things about… Spain

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Rachels Top 5 things about… Spain

I’ve been to Spain a tonne of times, the standard family holiday to Costa Del Sol, Barcelona for the weekend, Spanish exchanges etc, but I had no idea it had such an epic little surf scene. On my last trip to Northern Spain with the Ticket to Ride Group I was stoked I could have waves and amazing weather in under 2 hours from London. Of course Spain is spoilt with beautiful landscapes, cool culture and amazing architecture, but here are 5 of my personal favourite things that keeps me going back:
1. Short Cheap Flights. 
I am not joking, but you can get a return flight from London for under £60. Jumping on a flight to Santander from London takes just under 2 hours, this makes it cheaper and easier than visiting most places in the UK.
2. Food
Everywhere I go I always tend to go overboard on the food whether it’s a pan of Paella, Tapas, Pinchos, Bread, Meat, all washed down with heaps of Sangria. The local tapas bars have the best atmosphere, get down there late evening for the best vibes in town. Take a pick from all the hams and artisanal cheeses, to the patatas bravas and the montaditos (finger food heaven).
Nicer and more moorish than it looks, trust me
3. Consistant Surf
Northern Spain catches most swell directions, this lights up some super fun beaches which can be nice and punchy and when the swell is massive you can surf some hectic big waves spots, or find shelter in many coves. Santander itself has sick waves right in the city centre on a Wintery swell.
A little cove creating a nice Autumnal wedge
4. The Night Life
The Spanish love to party, whether it’s dancing flamenco all night long or dancing to cheesy nightclub tunes. There are some super cool bars hidden around Santander City which are pretty trendy too, but I highly recommend going to find the Gin Bar!
San Sebastian – an unlikely city of sin
5. Siestas
Why didn’t the English think of this! There’s nothing better than surfing all morning and coming back to satisfied yet exhausted. Filling up on great local produce before you drift off on a cheeky siesta in the middle of the day. Upon waking up you will  feel fresh and revitalised for round numero dos.
You can’t beat a little siesta in the Spanish sun


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