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Rani’s Surf Trip to Le Pin Sec

Surf Experiences France

Rani’s Surf Trip to Le Pin Sec

44°50′N 0°40′W

I left rather questionable for this adventure. I went alone and doubted the whole way as too whether this was the right decision. When I arrived, I was positively surprised beyond my wildest imagination. The hippie atmosphere or the camp instantly appealed to me right away. There was room to not only relax and read a book on the beach, but also a lot of opportunity to get to know people in a chill and organic way. I soon found myself kicking back with many new people from different countries (Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, England, …) with which I still maintain contact (and a nice excuse to make extra trips!).

The Solo Surf Holiday Experience

Doing an intensive study or job in your home country can be very intense at times. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to sometimes sit in the sand with your bare feet and just live in the now. Wake up, eat nice food and fill out your day for yourself… Fantastic! Surfing, yoga, skating, reading or just… doing literally nothing!

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I only have positive things to say about the food and the surf lessons i experienced. Both of the highest standard, their really is no sacrifices that you have to make for a great surf vibe. The food was tasty, nutritious and varied. There was 1 theory lesson about surfing complementary to the daily surf lessons. Surfing itself was a fun challenge and became addictive once i had the right technique. The yoga classes in between created a quiet atmosphere in the camp and has improved my non-existent flexibility in a light hearted and non intimidating way. I had never really thought about it but yoga really is the perfect accompaniment to surfing.

Surf and Partying

Yoga class Le Pin Sec Family

The evenings were always filled with exciting activities, a fun party or a refreshing evening dive at sunset (one of the most memorable moments I’ve experienced). There is also opportunity to drive to the town away. Lacanau is a small but busy centre that crawls from the shops, tasty restaurants and ice cream parlours and indispensable of course: dance cafes are filled with nostalgic music. In short, one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. I’m definitely going back next year because… I miss that sand between my toes!

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