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Rucksack or Suitcase? A guide to help you decide

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Rucksack or Suitcase? A guide to help you decide


So the dilemma of bag decisions begins when we start to think about what some people love and some people hate – packing! You’ve probably chosen your travel arrangements and are thinking full well in advance about the hours and hours of travelling ahead of you, navigating through cities, lifts, stairs, airports. Time now to get your stuff in order.
I can safely say I have tried all sorts of luggage arrangements. So here is my opinion of 2 main luggage game players to try and help you decide. The Rucksack and The Suitcase.


The Rucksack
First of all, it’s the first kind of bag you associate with long haul travel and exploration and the best thing about having a rucksack, I believe, is it’s hands free! So you can hold that passport and drink a coffee at the same time as carrying your things around with you, making yourself extra mobile.
Another positive about having a rucksack is the fact that you can carry two – one on your back and one on your front and you will still be hands free! Giving you more room for all the things you will need for your travels. They are also quite easy to pack as you can try and squish in as many things as the airlines weight allowance will let you. Also, just make sure your rucksack has a waterproof over bag/a way of making it waterproof – luggage saving advice from experience here.
The downside to a rucksack begins with the fact that it is basically a thin canvas bag with zips and clips all over it. The potential for breakage with overloading or over-use can make or break your faithful bag. Another dilemma about having a rucksack is that fact that you have to take everything out to find something you are after. The packing of a rucksack is a task in its own, whether you fold or roll your clothes is a decision to talk about for another blog post!


The Suitcase

A solid brick on wheels. You know your items are safe in one of these. Easy to wheel across the airport concourse and pretty solid if you go for a good brand. A suitcase is also a pretty care-free choice of luggage as you can throw it onto an airport luggage belt or in the back of a taxi or bus and know your items will be safe.

The downsides to a suitcase are that it can be pretty heavy. You are not inclined to be able to store away your suitcase under a bed or easily in a cupboard if you are staying somewhere for a while. I found that although the wheels were useful in the airport, across a tropical beach or along a dirt track or even around hotel grounds, the wheels were useful in the slightest. Combined with the weight that a suitcase can be in itself, let alone full, its pretty hard to cart around.

I believe that the main focus of your luggage decision, should be based on what kind of vacation you are going on. If you are planning on moving around allot, trekking across beaches or on safari or even camping based – you should definitely go for a rucksack. If you are literally taking your luggage from your transfer and into your accommodation for the entire period then a suitcase is definitely the way to go.

Get booking that holiday!

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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