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Russell Winter Teams Up With Errant Surf Holidays

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Russell Winter Teams Up With Errant Surf Holidays

Russell Winter Teams Up With Errant Surf Holidays
The UK’s number one professional surfer has teamed up with Europe’s leading surf travel company Errant Surf to provide the ultimate surf tour this winter in Barbados.
The Barbados surf tours are running early next year and are a great opportunity for any level of surfer to tap into Russell’s sixteen years’ experience on the World Pro Tour. Russ is also former European Champion and the first European ever to make the World Championship Tour.
Barbados to home to plenty of world class waves from Soup Bowls to Dupies. With the air temperature is the constant 33c region and the water not far behind this is the ultimate surfing holiday in Barbados.
Russell offer’s surf coaching for levels but it is his intermediate and advanced level coaching that surfers can really benefit from. Whether you’re a young competitor, top level surfer or just looking to make a few adjustments to improve your surfing technique, Russ can tailor a programme to suit you while in Barbados.
Managing Direct for Errant Surf, Chris Thomson comments “This is a great trip for any budding surfers who want the best coaching from one of the best surfers Europe has seen in one the most idyllic surfing destinations on planet Earth”
“The ideal thing about Barbados is the shear amount of waves to be had on any given day. It’s possible to surf on all coastlines. If there is good surf to be had, we will have it!” adds Russell Winter.
The surf tours are run on specific dates in 2012. These are 5th – 15th January 2012 and 1st – 10th February 2012 for the ten night surf tour and 5th – 12th January 2012 and 1st – 8th February 2012 for the 7 night surf tour.
For more details go to or call 01637 851 403.

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