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Seal hangs out at Manly Beach the Ozzy-way

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Seal hangs out at Manly Beach the Ozzy-way

Earlier this week a fur seal was spotted at the famous surf beach of Manly, New South Wales. To one of Sydney’s most popular surf beaches the seal was an unexpected visitor but it’s certainly not the first time the beach was visited by an animal. We all remember the terrifying moment a surfer caught a Great White on his GoPro, while circling around some of the surfers at Manly Beach.M

More animals spotted at Manly Beach

Even though the seal is likely to do much less harm to surfers than the Great White could potentially do, officials still forced locals to stay at least 40 meters away from the animal. Also, for obvious reasons beachgoers weren’t allowed to feed the mammal. A video about the seal chilling out at the beach gives away the visit didn’t stop people from surfing.

Reg, the official name the seal goes by, is a regular visitor of Sydney’s waters. It has been spotted swimming around the harbour and several others beaches for multiple times, so its visit to Manly didn’t come as too unexpected.


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