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September Sessions – Baguettes, Brie & Beer

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September Sessions – Baguettes, Brie & Beer

September for French Surfers is the most anticipated time of the year. Imagine that feeling you get at 5pm on a Friday after slaving away for the man all week, then times it by 100 because you’re an over-excitable man-child surfer who has slogged out a Summer surfing weak dribble and is now surrounded by the world’s best beach break barrels. On a nudist beach. It’s the bees knees.
Photo credit: Sharpy
Like most people I love, beachbreak barrels, red wine, culinary excellence, croissants, good looking humans and these are some of the hallmarks of France. It’s one of the greatest places in the world to be a surfer and I spent September and October in the Biscay of dreams a few years ago.
Hossegor is the holy grail for most traveling to the area, but there is really, really good surf all up the coast, not just at La Graviere. We got waves in Lacanau, equally as good but with 1/8 of the crowd. Bordaines in Seignosse spits the same tubes and is a mere 1km walk up the beach. The internationally verified VVF in Capbreton does pack a powerful punch and is a photographers dream with the WW2 Bunkers rising from the sand, but go 5mins south to La Benn and you’re laughing (well, chuckling with a bunch of local spongers probably).
Basically the same swells light up the sand banks for miles up and down the coast, not just here. So if you want the classic September France Surf Trip, without the crowds then go here, here, or even here.
Saying all this, we spent a week or so blowing a solid months budget partying with the WCT Pros all night, then watching them get spat out of the filthiest French tubes a few hours later and it was great fun…
The WCT is in town between 4th – 15th October and we have availability at a number of surf lodges and apartments for the duration and our friends at Wavelength are running some awesome pro surf coaching trips down there at the same time. More info here.

Hans van Mourik

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