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September Sessions – Playas & Pintxos

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September Sessions – Playas & Pintxos

Autumn for European Surfers is like Winter in the North Shore of Hawaii, Spring in California, Summer in Bali. Basically it’s the shit. Our waves finally light up after a tiring Summer of busy sloppy waves and attract the attention of the world surfing community. Everyone knows about the sand-churning kegs in France, but it’s not just Capbreton that packs a punch in September…
Loredo in the Basque Country / Northeast of Spain is a small, Spanish-speaking surf town that is home to the punchy beachbreak Playa de Somo, ballsy big wave reef La Santa, some of the best Pinxtos in the region and is beautifully surrounded by mountains, green landscapes and cliffs meeting the ocean, yet just twenty minutes away from the bright lights of Santander (and a £30 flight from Stansted).
I spent an Autumn here and fell in love with the place. Between the typically Basque ambiance, passionate people, amazing food and wine, funky (Cornwall’esque) weather and the pumping surf, it became hard to leave.
Unfortunately, paradise can’t be like this all year long. The Basque Country is very green due to a lot of rain of course and Winters here are very similar to ours at home, but the best season is just when fall starts peeking its head around the corner in September and holds out til the end of November.
Expect empty wedges, hollow beach-break barrels, surf in the centre of a busy city, the feeling of being deserted and a warm welcome from our friend Carlos if you stay at his surf house.
I took the very amateur pics below during a surf and yoga week that we ran a few Octobers ago, we are running another this year if you want to join us.
Random local on a sick little insider (where I sat the whole week)
Low tide dredgers
Surf lessons in a 3:2. No filter on the picture, check that sky out!
The Loredo Don taking his morning speedo stroll
That Autumn feel
Doesn’t feel like you’re right next to a major ferryport
Fun banks throughout the tide
Scenic snap
DJ Sam Supplier enjoying Loredo’s lefts
Sick, bone-dry skatepark in Somo, designed by Carlos
Best pintxos in the world
No caption
Sunset snacks
Dirty kebab €7. Don’t hate
Even the ferry home is beautiful
 The Spain Surf & Yoga trip runs from 9th – 16th October 2014 and costs £335pp, click here for more info.

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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