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How social hosts make the difference at Lapoint

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How social hosts make the difference at Lapoint

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Lapoint Surf Camps is an organization with a number of surf camps all over the world. In Europe they are particularly known for their beautiful houses in Ericeira and in Alentejo – both in Portugal, and they also have a surf house in Morocco. Some of these houses are quite large and Lapoint does everything to make everyone feel at ease. We spoke to a number of Social Hosts about how they make a difference.

Social Host at Lapoint

Although each location of Lapoint has its own identity, they all have 1 universal approach to customer care. Every house / camp has several social hosts, this ensures that everyone has a great time throughout their trip. We were in Ericeira and here we spoke to Eddie and Jo, both experienced social hosts at Lapoint about the advantage of having a social host and the multifaceted role they play during your holiday.

Eddie is from Sweden and tells us: “As a social host you are responsible for making guests feel at ease. That already starts on arrival, on Sunday. After they have checked in, each guest is given a tour of the house. This personal moment (usually with 4-5 guests at the same time) immediately ensures that you have a connection with someone, so that you can easily approach someone later in the week. And of course the guests also come to me earlier if there is something they need”. Eddie also points out that this set-up ensures more social cohesion as everyone arrives in the same way. ”Many people travel alone and during this tour you immediately get to know a number of other surfers ”.

A listening ear at Lapoint

Jo adds with a wink: “Sometimes I almost feel like a psychologist. When guests really feel at ease with us and at the surf house, I regularly notice that they have a much better time, and they really like that. In addition, it is also just very nice for me, because I always feel really part of the group instead of part of the crew – even though I am of course “.

Both Jo and Ed think they have the best job in the world. “We live in a surf camp while we contribute to the personal happiness of the guests, how beautiful is that,” said Jo. Here, however, she adds that there is also a downside to it. “Sometimes I honestly find it very difficult to say goodbye, because (especially if people stay 2 or even 3 weeks) the guests really become friends with whom you share everything.”

Eddie adds: ” I think the social hosts distinguish Lapoint from other surf camps, you dint just arrive here and then your on your own, we re always here hanging round the pool or having a laugh with the guests. This really ensures that everyone has a great time and is part of the whole group”.

We personally think that the addition of social hosts is a really nice personable touch by Lapoint as it adds to the overall experience in a wide variety of ways. Whilst Ed & Jo are indeed lucky to be living at Lapoint, we are lucky that they are always there to help!

Portrait photo of Eddie at Lapoint Surf Camp, made by Mylan Rosendaal


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