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Sofie’s experiences while working in the Surf Village in Ericeira

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Sofie’s experiences while working in the Surf Village in Ericeira

Hey Sofie, what is your position at the surf camp in Ericeira?

This week I’m in charge of the bar. Every week we change roles, so I might be doing the breakfast for one week after the weekend. All the time I am social host. All staff is social host, as contact with the guests is very fun and we also find that very important.

Is this your first time this year as bar manager?

No, it is actually my third time this season. Normally you do all roles about once a month. I am here since March, so about 3 months.

What made you decide to apply for a function at the surf camp Ericeira?

Well, I am still studying. Before I started, I actually already travelled quite a lot, to Asia, Australia and Latin America. After one year of studying law in Oslo, Norway, I realised that I didn’t want to study if I also could travel and see the world. So after one year, I decided I wanted to take a little break and that is why I applied for the job here at the surf camp. I like it soo much, that I even would consider to take another semester off.

What do you like the most of your job here in the surf camp?

What I like the most is meeting the people. Even though I’m not moving, guests are moving all the time. Some guests are just visiting Ericeira for a week and others pass by on their travels. But the fact that everyone is here for the same reason; surfing and having fun, makes me very happy and excited. I find a lot that people who travel have something interesting. With some people you have obviously more than with others, but I always find something special, about everyone. And that is what I like so much about being here, the many different people.

Also, another great reason for me being here is my passion for surfing. Already in Norway and during my travels I surfed a lot, but this is the place where I really learned surfing, obviously because I had the time to do so, in combination with work.

Are there still many people whom you met so far with who you are still in touch?

Yes! Certainly there are still a couple of people I keep in touch with. I can obviously not stay in touch with everyone, but there are some I still talk a lot too! Facebook is a great way to do so. On the other hand, the memories I have with many people is something I will never lose, so even though I might not be in touch with them anymore, I won’t forget them.

Where do you see yourself after working at this surf camp?

Well, I obviously still need to finish my law degree, which will take some years. After that, I really hope to combine my two great passions, surfing and travelling. Perhaps I could do so while running my own business, but these are all still very basic plans (and dreams).

Want to know more about the Surf Village in Ericeira? Check it here.



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