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Solo Girls Travel Guide

Travel Tips General

Solo Girls Travel Guide

Travel is second nature to me as I’ve been traveling from the age of 12 without my parents, which made me grow up and become more aware of my surroundings pretty fast but after my last month of gallivanting around Asia, it occurred to me just how aware you have to be as a girl whilst travelling alone.
Travelling is in my eyes the only thing that you can buy that makes you richer and I feel pretty damn rich right now, so I wanted to take this opportunity to tell all my fellow female solo travelers, or any girls thinking of traveling alone how to do it safely.
There are plenty of pros of traveling alone as a single girl such as getting free things like a little eyelash fluttering to get your over weight baggage on the plane and you never having to wait long for a taxi very long, but if I’m totally honest there are a fair few cons and here are my top tips and a few of the most important cons to be aware of:
Booking the trip:
For all the travel side of things I would recommend booking through a travel agency like Errant Surf, that way you know that the accommodation is safe and has been checked out by them prior, most agents will also usually book you airport transfers and be there to help if you are in trouble.
Always take all necessary precautions like appropriate vaccinations, travel insurance and always always always have a copy of your passport; its crazy how many times I have needed that and not always had it, you don’t want to be handing the real thing out all willy nilly thats for sure.
The flight:
You always sit next to that one person who wants to know everything about you for the duration of the flight, so no matter how good looking the guy is or how harmless the old lady looks, always be careful with how much you tell; I usually just make up some really weird story so that they just think I’m a massive freak and don’t ask any more questions. My favourite is that I’m a landscape gardener travelling to get ideas for future projects. There are only so many things you can ask about that haha.
The biggest thing about traveling is knowing who you can trust and who to be weary of and of course you never really know who that is so from thoughtlessly jumping in a taxi, to letting a guy buy you a drink, so keep your whits about you as you can’t be too careful.
For traveling around on your trip I always book taxis and things through the hotel, that way someone always knows who you are travelling with in case anything happens.
I know we all like to make ourselves look lovely and smell delicious ladies, but you really don’t need to take your UK washing routine and toiletries away with you as you can get most stuff almost anywhere in the world, at least at the airports! Just make sure to take any specific things you like, like organic face wash, a certain mascara, good suncream etc.
There are nasty people out there that want to rob you so I always make sure that I split my credit cards up to that if my wallet get stolen or lost I always have a back up card.
Bring a friend?
I always try to get a friend to come away with me as  A its more fun and B when something goes wrong whether it be serious or just something minor like your bikini disappearing in the surf, its always nice to have a helping hand to share the worries with.
With all this being said you have to have fun to you can’t live life worrying too much about the what ifs, but you do have to be just a little bit switched on travelling alone as a girl. So GET OUT THERE see as much of the World as you can, learn lots just be smart and you will have the best time ever.

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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