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South African Perfection

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South African Perfection

South Africa is one of the best surfing destinations on the planet, home to some incredible waves and we have teamed up with Ticket to Ride Worldwide Surfing Adventures to offer some fantastic Surf Camps and Trips in this beautiful wave-rich part of the World.
Ticket to Ride has been running Surf Trips to SA for over ten years and the team has a wealth of local knowledge when it comes to surfing the beautiful coastline. The trips offer expert tuition from Pro Surfers such as Klee Strachan and Nikita Robb, using photo and video analysis to ensure that you get the best possible coaching experience.
Three of our favourite destinations to surf in South Africa are Cape Town, Jeffreys Bay and Durban, here’s why:
Cape Town

  • Wave – Muizenburg Beach Break
  • Ability Level – Complete Beginner to Intermediate
  • Best Swell Direction – South Easterly
  • Best Wind Direction – North Westerly
  • Weapon of Choice – Wide, thick shortboard, fun / retro board or longboard

Errant Blog -Cape Town Photo
Ticket to Ride ride Trip Leader Klee Strachan using a GoPro to coach in the line up
Cape Town has huge variety of waves on offer with an impressive backdrop to back them up. The beginner friendly Muizenburg Beach is a great place to start the trip. The waves offer surfers the chance to work on the basics such as perfecting the pop up and mastering the art of riding the open green face of the wave. It’s similar to Saunton Sands in Devon, in the UK, with the right swell offering long wally waves that peel down the banks. The waves aren’t very powerful or hollow but have a great feel for the surfer looking to ride their first waves all the way to the inside. By no means think that this wave is boring though if you’re a more advanced surfer, you can have great fun on a more retro style board with a quad fin set up for that extra speed down the line or grab a long board walk to the nose all day long.
Jeffreys Bay

  • Wave – Supertubes, Kitchen Windows, Phantoms
  • Ability Level – Intermediate/Advanced
  • Best Swell Direction – Supers N, SW, NE – Kitchens S, SE – Phantoms S, SE
  • Best Wind Direction – Supers N, NW – Kitchens N, NW – Phantoms N, NW
  • Weapon of choice – At Supertubes you need step up board with rounded or pin tail to beat the sections and race the down the line. It’s a fast wave. You know this. At Kitchens you need your go to shortboard maybe with a little more volume and at Phantoms on its day you can use your Supertubes board

Errant Kitchens
Fun day out at Kitchen Windows right in front of the accommodation 
When you drive past the “Jeffreys Bay” sign in South African you’re entering hallowed Surfing Turf. JBay is home to arguably the best right hand point break in the World; “Supertubes” and on its day has 300m long rides with 6 different sections to tackle. Oooooh.
Errant Blog Supers
Classic day at supertubes.. Wave of your life 
We base ourselves right in front of the breaks “Kitchen Windows” and “Phantoms”. When I say, “right in front”, you can literally roll out of bed, grab a board in be in the water in 2 mins. Kitchens is a reef break that offers really fun rights and lefts and is a pit punchier than Muizenburg for faster rides. Phantoms is located to the right of Kitchen Windows further up the beach and offers up fast hollow rights on its day. Supertubes can be spotted breaking from the accommodation and when its on, its only a short drive. This Surf trip is aimed at the intermediate/advanced surfer looking to push their surfing to the next level and quite possibly catch the wave of their life. This is how Tom Curren does it:

  • Wave – Ansteys, New Pier
  • Ability Level – Intermediate/Advanced
  • Best Swell Direction – Ansteys SW, NE – New Pier SW, NE
  • Best Wind Direction – Ansteys W, SW – New Pier NW, W, SW

Weapon of Choice – At Ansteys you’ll need your go to short board and even a back up step up board as it can get pretty solid. Classic New Pier on its day is the African version of Hossegor or Peniche to you’ll need your rounded pin tail to hold your line in the pit. It’s also a good idea to bring a smaller board with volume for those smaller days on the beachfront.
Errant durban beachfront photo
Fun little waves on the inside bowl for any level of  Surfer 
Durban is known as “Surf City” for a reason, its home to some crazy waves and is a hub of South African Surfing talent where the likes of Jordy Smith and Martin Potter perfected their skills as Groms. We base ourselves at Ansteys backpackers on the Bluff which is run by South African Surfing royalty “the Palmbooms”.
Ansteys can pack a punch and hopefully you’ll see the Palmbooms ripping!
You can be in the water at Ansteys within minutes of rolling out of bed and you’re surrounded by a wealth of experience and happy faces in the water if any of the Palmbooms are in the line-up. Ansteys is a beach break that offers up rights and lefts with 50 – 150m rides. It’s brilliant for the beginner – intermediate surfer looking to improve their skills on the face of wave and the all-important turns. We also drive over the Durban beachfront where the world famous New Pier is located. On its day, New Pier can produce gnarly spitting barrels and it’s not for the faint hearted.
On the plus side is that there’s no such thing as a paddle out on the beachfront. Run along one of the many piers and jump in!
Epic day at New Pier where you can get barrelled off your @*%s!
Check out all of our South Africa Surf Adventures here.

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