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Surf Brewing, what makes this surf beer so special

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Surf Brewing, what makes this surf beer so special

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During our visit to the beautiful Quinta Surf House in Ericeira we found about an exciting new company, Surf Brewing. While we wanted to order another beer from the infinity pool, the bartender pointed out 3 different bottles of beer, which were displayed on the bar. These beers were brewed by real surfers; we had to try that! Who could say no?!

A few days later we were already at the table with Eduardo who could tell us a lot more about Surf Brewing …

SurfaWhile Surf Brewing
SurfaWhile Surf Brewing

SurfaWhile x Surf Brewing

It was Friday afternoon and we arrived at a large surf shop on the outskirts of Ericeira. We already been driving for quite a while by the time we reached this 4th day of our working visit to Portugal. Ericeira wasn’t the last stop either – we slept that night at Dreamsea in Sintra. However, this stop, which was beautiful on the route, was one that we were really looking forward to.

After the previous visit to the Quinta Surf House we came in contact with Edu, after being introduced by the bartender; he was always cheerful, a passion for surfing clearly viiblile in his eyes and a large network of surfing buddies. I called Edu the next day and told him that we would be back in Ericeira a few days later (after we had been to northern Portugal). I told him about SurfaWhile and that we would like to find out more about the story behind Surf Brewing.

A combination of German beer, a surf vibe and 3 entrepreneurs with a heart of gold.

” A year and a half ago there were 3 guests from Spain, South Africa and Portugal who felt that there was something missing on the beer market. Surfing is really an activity for real everyday people. How nice would it therfore be to brew a beer, which also gives something back to these people. Although there is also delicious beer in Portugal, they chose to find the perfect taste in Germany. No sooner said than done. “

What need do the Portuguese have for a beer from Germany?

Most people will wonder what is so special about this story – and rightly so. To date that has not been mentioned yet, that will come. While Edu continues, he takes a few beers from his bag, a gift for us. Unfortunately we still had to drive a lot, so we saved that until later. Edu: ” This beer is brewed in Germany, after which it is brought to Portugal. Here we try to sell these beers through nice surf houses, because we know that there will be people who – in general – are very happy with our story. And that goes well!

This surf house in Ericeira is one of the places where you can try this beer.

But what is that story then? What makes Surf Brewing different from other beers? Edu continues to talk quietly, and soon we too became enthusiastic.

Read on after the photo …

Surf Brewing gives back to the surf community

“We think it is important that we are socially responsible. In addition, we think it is really nice to do something in return for the surf community, and especially those for whom it is not always self-evident that they can just go surfing. The money earned with Surf Brewing is partly used to support a number of goals. This is reflected in the following ways, for example.

  • Surf Brewing regularly sponsors surf boards and wetsuits that serve as prizes at events that attract kids who come from families with a relatively low income. This way it becomes possible for more of these kids to go surfing.
  • A number of surf accommodations organize beach clean-ups and Surf Brewing then donates a number of tote bags that can be given to the guests who have collected the most waste. They also often sponsor a few boxes of beer, so that everyone who participates can drink a tasty and well-earned beer after the clean-up.
  • If there are local events that attract students from the local communities, Surf Brewing regularly tries to set up a sponsorship here.

What kind of beer does Surf Brewing have?

Edu told us about 3 different beers; an IPA (Indian Pale Ale), a “normal” bearing and a 0.0% beer. “The last beer in particular is doing very well, a lot better than expected. It is of course nice to see that many guests of the surf accommodations are very conscious of alcohol. Of course, drinking and exercising do not go well together and it is all the better that a way has been found in this way. “

When we were about to leave, I asked Edu – who had already taken several moments to talk about his big surfing network in Portugal – if he might still know a shaper in Portugal. We thought it would be great to visit a factory where we could see how special surf boards were made. He told us about Ferox, and this was a visit to remember.

Thanks Edu! Want to know more about Surf Brewing?


Co-founder of SurfaWhile, with a passion for travel, surf, cooking, salsa, football and meeting new and interesting people.

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